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  1. Markie Well done . You have a good eye on how to employ the tools as well as how to crop for the most effective layout. Keep trying different things, to get a feel of how to get PDN to work best for you.
  2. Scooter


    THAT long ago?!?!? goodness me, time flies OK back to subject at hand; I like this tute because it is a clear, clean, presentation of how to make a cloud; even with all the individual steps there is a logic in the flow of information and great graphics to show us (OK, me) how to do it. pdnoob
  3. Ego Eram Reputo Sucess! the directions you and Rick ( ) gave, did the trick. I did have to download the Win self extractor. Thanks to Rick's instructions it worked like a charm All is well now, in Scooter Land, where the PDNs can now play and the tutorials, can dance in the fields.........?too much? ....'thought as much Seriously thank you for the help and thank Scott too, when you see him
  4. Yes, I have read the pinned solutions above but nothing seemed to correct my situation- Though I tried them, to the best of my limited understanding of computer-eze. I have tried to install the Ver 4.5 and have been stopped by the following error messages. See 4.5instal fail After much frustration - all install fails seem to be hung up on finding a correct "staging" file. So, I canceled the update and went back to the 3. version I had tried to up date. Now it would not work see 4pt5 NG2 After repeating the same install procedure -hoping I had missed a step, the results were the same. No update ; No previous version; No joy. I did a "computer restore" which brought back the 3.5 but now, even with a "PDN repair" attempt, I got the error message : ERROR 591B I created a mess of the whole thing. Having tried to delete the existing version and trying a clean instal of the new version; the results are still a fail . If I could get some specific steps to follow, though I understand it is a pain. I have reached my knowledge limit and I would be most grateful.
  5. For the love of pete does it always have to be this hard? OK FF your composition is fine, the "swerling space-ie'" background is intriguing. Your font choice and its color is very stark and sharp....well except for the blur. Not sure about the need for the blur, but interesting choice. RX your talent is evident in both your current signature and your checkered past oops I mean, Entry. Very crisp and well executed, good contrast with the red text , shading on the ball may be a touch heavy, but not bad. FotoFactory - 0 Racerx - 2
  6. Well this was a lot of fun Thank You toe_head2001
  7. Yep mighty fine revision TR I'll get it in a moment
  8. Heartiest Congratulations! Cc4FuzzyHuggles, great job. Toe_head and Pixey, a much deserved "Well Done"
  9. Good Heavens you guys don't make it an easy choice. after much hemming and hawing ;I vote Beta0 = 1 Ishi = 1
  10. So, you have been busy. No resting on your gradient blending laurels, for long. This is a very clean use of the provides tools and I think gives much more control for those instances where the "usual" drop shadow is not able to be adjusted to your requirements.
  11. UH,Just your basic WOW! Your pictures and text are Great- I understand the idea very well. Many Thanks for your work
  12. Racerx thanks from me to. looks workable for me ( -I slow some times) An Pixey ; Pixeys don't get old, they just get cleverer and cleverer and clev......well you get the idea
  13. renee A most impressive result for your hard work. Legibility is light years ahead and the visibility of the characters is much improved. Re: "embossing Give Bolt Baits page a read and download, if you have not already done so. http://http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=11514 bonne chance
  14. toe_head2001 Well Done. Simple, the way you present it.
  15. Kerning is the amount of space between each individual character that you type. Here is an article on how to, for Word 2013 http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2030049&seqNum=10 ​Also for a simpler method Pixeys answer is a good one http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31440-looking-for-a-plugin-to-manipulate-letters-separately/
  16. so here's my original unheralded entry Photo= mine All Paint.Net
  17. Awww you guys Tack, Danke, Thank you, for the kind words. Well the paint is dry, the dust is settled, cat box cleaned, so on to great things......... well maybe a short nap first-----just in case I get caught up in the throws of inspiration later.
  18. As I have been oh so busy with many important things (watching paint dry, sunsets, the Christmas Cactus bloom and drop its flowers cleaning the cat box etc.) I realized that I have neglected my PDN friends- those I know and those I haven't "talked to" yet. So accept my apology for my tarty HAPPY New Year. Also my most humble gratitude for the esteem shown me by the honorific title of 2014 Homer Simpson Award Winner I am truly greatfull and will wear it with a sense of pride throughout this year WOO HOO!! time for a doughnut or or or a BEER!
  19. Renee Sorry have been off the forum for awhile, so have just discovered your question. If I may, I will throw out some thoughts for you to consider and reject/ ignore/ look at them as if they were small puppy that did something bad/ embrace or none of the above. My confusion starts with the actual title is it "The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian" or " The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian Volk Caldera? As laid out on your cover, it would appear as if the Volk Caldera is the author On to the font choice, perhaps a revisit to the fonts available is in order. Ballade is a bit too visually complex to be a quick read by a potential customer seeing it on a rack among many many other titles. That said there are fonts of the same "style family" that are more legible to the quick glances. The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Old Century The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Sherwood The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Storybook The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Vagabond As a few examples. While the choice of red is a good one to separate the title from the background the feeling you have, that it lacks something is valid. It is too "flat" you need to add some dimension to the title. even the addition of a shadow would benefit I'm sure others will have even more insite, and be more help. Regardless looks like an interesting project
  20. Congratulations Eli and Well Done to Pixey and Searose all your entrys are inspiring . Applause also for Nitenurse and DrueDale s entry's as they showed a good vision of the requirement. good thing I didn't enter-I can't even spell kel-tic; then, I get all tied up in knots about it.
  21. I really like what you created, it has a very futuristic feel and the rain is right in line with the "mood". The LED flash from the 1st ship is very convincing and the towers are from my perspective quite well carried out. My only sniglet , for me personally, is that ship passing behind the 2d tower. Its lights seem a bit too bright for the apparent distance and in keeping with the towers distance and visibility. Though understand I can not do anything as complex, nor have the skills to even attempt anything like your picture. So, I offer my opinion only in the interest of being helpful for your future works. Well Done .
  22. Good job both of you. The dark/light of Lloyds is more dramatic and catches the eye. While Nai's has a softness and playful quality. As you can see by my bumbling phrasing I'm hard pressed to choose. But choose I must, so the scores now: Nai - 2 Lloyd - 2
  23. Ah, add my Congratulations to, Skullbonz, well done sir. As a recipient of the Third Place Award, I want to thank all of you for your votes. I could not have done it without you (belabor the obvious much?) As to my fellow awardees, my heartiest congratulations to you all for joining me. (Does he even know it was a tie? ) To Sasha,Pixey and Nitenurse your contributions were what makes this endeavor a pleasure to join (you just never know when to shut up do you?......wind bag) So in closing, (Dare I hope real soon?) I must give DrewDale a hearty Well Done! for his incomparable guidance in making this contest a delight (A simple heartfelt thank you wasn't good enough?) Sorry All, for this pompous twit, he snuck in and got on the keyboard before I could stop Him--- ​However. Seriously.Congratulations to all for a fine display of imagination and talent; regardless of the number of votes received -Scooter
  24. very nice work(s) you have sure got a talent for creating plugins
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