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  1. Thanks Pixey for picking up after for DewDale on the voting page
  2. Obviously she has you well and truly wrapped around her delicate paw. Our "little darling" has the same sense of space....it's All hers. Oh, Samantha (Sammy/Samurai) says purrrr-urpp to your princess
  3. Pixey Your entry is a great blend of east meets west. It seems purrrfict for a signature Tootles
  4. Thank You DrewDale and Maximilian for your responses.
  5. Yeah, I was a Kansas boy -then it was fun...Now I'm several years along and it's the California life for me.
  6. Wisconsin, Minnesota ....Burrr... Oh and Happy New Year Too
  7. Having absolutely no clue about anime or manga characters; I used the sample #1 DrueDale provided, as a reference. I was able to get my mouse to curve only so much, thus the beautiful free flowing lines of the original are sadly missing (as if I could have done them justice anyway ).
  8. Not having a clue about animi and manga, I used druedales first example as a guide. Wish my mouse could make the beautiful sweeping curves of the original. Oh, well, could you please give me a hint if I even got within "shouting distance" of getting this SOTW ? Thanks all of you for teaching this "ol' dog" his new tricks--Woof
  9. Boy I feel so much better now that 4013 is on my computer. So much lighter, cleaner, no buggys, Ahh Life's good again. OK, truth be told, I haven't a clue about the real changes, but if Rick wants to up grade this thing then I'm all for it. Seriously: Thanks Rick for all you do and Merry Christmas ,Happy Holidays or what ever sets your boat afloat this time of year
  10. The worst part about coming back after a long absents is finding a "new kid" showing up and making my already insignificant PDN "skills" even more insignificant Seriously: LionsDragon spectacular results with the works shown here. My favorite (but in noway slighting the others) is the blue stone and silver Bracelet. The work is very top drawer. I'm goinna go over to the corner now and sulk for a bit
  11. Prodigious amount of work MJW; Well Done
  12. A quick trip back to the first page will revel all (now,doesn't that sound mysterious ); actually it will give you the complete rules of this "game" As to your questions: yes & yes
  13. Soo would this mean you declare Wabbit the winner (with 3 votes)? To wit: Cc4FuzzyHuggles-April 4, My modest self-Aug 14 & now your fine communiqué-Aug. 23
  14. Stuart First Welcome to Pant. Net As to using the various "tools" I would suggest a reading of the General Discussion area may give you much guidance. The quick answer to you question is this, only one of several possibilities.. Again Welcome
  15. Well I'm still mostly confused- its me not you- but as to the "Goodnight Nurse" theme, its just "what the doctor ordered" I like it. So thanks again for you continued hard work . aside to self- 'course he has all this spare time -after all its winter down there and he's probably shut in by all those winter snows
  16. Maximilian has a good handle on this situation. If your finding yourself in an "bla" place; Try another aspect of PDN you aren't too familiar with or a technique you have never tried. That way you'll give your mind a rest from the usual projects. Then you never know you may find a new tool/talent you can use to advance on to a new skill level. .
  17. Oh Good heavens! These fine artists deserve to be recognized for their effort sooner than in 5 months. Come on folks get the lead vote out. Me? why, I like the Wabbits use of colors and the style of the font. Though RFX has an intriguing idea. Wabbit + 2 RFX + 1
  18. I knew there were some good guys with great help out there. Cheers
  19. 2K25 Yes it can be done. My idea may or may not do what you need in your specific case, but here goes: 1st keep in mind you can have as many layers as you want- like a book can have 2 or 100 pages . So you currently have 2 layers; background = text and layer 1 which has "a texture" . Now add a layer 2 on which you put your picture. OK? What I would suggest is to use your "magic wand tool " click on the text and have the background "disappear" leaving only the text and its texture. Select All (copies layer), move to your picture layer and paste the copied text to it (layer 2) . this should get you what you want. I'm sure there are many more efficient and effective ways that others will offer , but this is my " fast and dirty" way
  20. Welcome Reggie. As an addition to EER's fine suggestion; You can, if the text is not covering a part you want to save, use the "cropping tool" to remove the offending item
  21. My level of maturity depends on who I’m with

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