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  1. Renee Sorry have been off the forum for awhile, so have just discovered your question. If I may, I will throw out some thoughts for you to consider and reject/ ignore/ look at them as if they were small puppy that did something bad/ embrace or none of the above. My confusion starts with the actual title is it "The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian" or " The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian Volk Caldera? As laid out on your cover, it would appear as if the Volk Caldera is the author On to the font choice, perhaps a revisit to the fonts available is in order. Ballade is a bit too visually complex to be a quick read by a potential customer seeing it on a rack among many many other titles. That said there are fonts of the same "style family" that are more legible to the quick glances. The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Old Century The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Sherwood The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Storybook The Saga of Monterrian Gouterrian = Vagabond As a few examples. While the choice of red is a good one to separate the title from the background the feeling you have, that it lacks something is valid. It is too "flat" you need to add some dimension to the title. even the addition of a shadow would benefit I'm sure others will have even more insite, and be more help. Regardless looks like an interesting project
  2. Congratulations Eli and Well Done to Pixey and Searose all your entrys are inspiring . Applause also for Nitenurse and DrueDale s entry's as they showed a good vision of the requirement. good thing I didn't enter-I can't even spell kel-tic; then, I get all tied up in knots about it.
  3. I really like what you created, it has a very futuristic feel and the rain is right in line with the "mood". The LED flash from the 1st ship is very convincing and the towers are from my perspective quite well carried out. My only sniglet , for me personally, is that ship passing behind the 2d tower. Its lights seem a bit too bright for the apparent distance and in keeping with the towers distance and visibility. Though understand I can not do anything as complex, nor have the skills to even attempt anything like your picture. So, I offer my opinion only in the interest of being helpful for your future works. Well Done .
  4. Good job both of you. The dark/light of Lloyds is more dramatic and catches the eye. While Nai's has a softness and playful quality. As you can see by my bumbling phrasing I'm hard pressed to choose. But choose I must, so the scores now: Nai - 2 Lloyd - 2
  5. Ah, add my Congratulations to, Skullbonz, well done sir. As a recipient of the Third Place Award, I want to thank all of you for your votes. I could not have done it without you (belabor the obvious much?) As to my fellow awardees, my heartiest congratulations to you all for joining me. (Does he even know it was a tie? ) To Sasha,Pixey and Nitenurse your contributions were what makes this endeavor a pleasure to join (you just never know when to shut up do you?......wind bag) So in closing, (Dare I hope real soon?) I must give DrewDale a hearty Well Done! for his incomparable guidance in making this contest a delight (A simple heartfelt thank you wasn't good enough?) Sorry All, for this pompous twit, he snuck in and got on the keyboard before I could stop Him--- ​However. Seriously.Congratulations to all for a fine display of imagination and talent; regardless of the number of votes received -Scooter
  6. very nice work(s) you have sure got a talent for creating plugins
  7. best I could do in the short time available
  8. Thanks good information. I just hacked together a "poster" using windows and ....well it got done. I'll use this method next time for sure. (Yea!, PDN)
  9. WOW ! thats a great and unexpected combo. Especially with the recent supermoon just past, your timing is impeccable. Well done
  10. Surely there is one individual out there corregious enough to come in and resolve this overlong and hard fought contest by these two mighty warrio uh Artists. After all these fine contestants have been sitting, forlorn and alone, in their respective garretts, subsisting on small crumbs of moldy old bread and what moisture drips from the leaky roof. Awaiting your decision. sniff Come On Good People! let's give them the reward they so richly deserve! So they can come out and once more enter our genial company . What Say You? VOTE for your, one correct, choice, I bid you adieu, I shall return anon.
  11. Sasha Very clever. The brilliant colors of the fruit are beautifully contained by the "edging". All in all a very colorful and legible creation, and dare I say, tasty too. Riddley while not my 'cupa", I must credit your creativity. There seem to be 3 elements, separated from each other, not combined on the same plane. My concern is the disconnect between the object/text. For example the saw blade, its reflection and the pool of red. I think if you have a saw blade sitting in a pool of red, the blades reflection would not show the teeth almost touching the original blade, but obscured by the pool of reds own reflection. Sasha 1 Riddley 0
  12. nitenurse79 - I really like the reflections below your text they are the best you have done. The contrast color on the "i' and "t" are a bit over bright, though not easy to modify, with that effect. over all an easy to read signature with a nice background shape to keep the blandness away. Good color and composition. JulioCoolio - Thank you for stepping in. Your signature has a nice simple style that is accented by the use of the chosen colors, The font used for your name is a bit unclear because of, I believe, the severe tilt of the letters and the excessive foggy shadow. Granted you explained this is an early work and so not up to your current level, but I can only vote for what you kindly provided and given all that I do like it overall. The score is now: nitenurse79 - 2 JulioCoolio - 0 Now back to my day job
  13. Sorry if I got "out of hand" or "out of sorts" there for a moment But A big to nitenurse79 for stepping in and giving us a fine 1st place winner and, a favorite of mine, our 2nd place winner, in this challenge. Congratulations it's about time mumble mumble So, to quote her, quoting me, quoting....... .... uh, well,.. ..I mean, uh,..... .... who is, next? Can you even come close to nitenurs79's style and talented entry? Note to the Moderator:
  14. OH, Come On PDNers Cc4fuzzHuggles & RFX are two fine contributors, they deserve our respect for having entered their signatures to be voted on. May 14 & 17 was a long time ago. Thanks to Oceana & JulioCoolio for their votes. Now the rest of you, get your "vote" on......we're waiting on YOU I'm goin' back ta work, now
  15. For the 4.03 upgrade of the old 4.02 upgrade. As a bit of background. I had held off installing 4.02 until today, due to some terribly important reasons (no I'm not lazy, just uh, busy, yeah! that's it) So I installed the 4 .02 today, which went fine, all loaded up ready to see the new vistas it would provide. It happened to occur to me, I should pop in to the good ol' forum page and see what the good folks are up to, and lo and behold there is A New Update! Hoopee! So off I go to install 4.03 in place of the less than 5 minute old 4.02. What Joy! Now I'm so updated I feel young again......well maybe not quite. ********************* Seriously Rick: Don't let my silliness mask my appreciation for all your hard work and dedication to this project. Well Done my friend- take a break and get some rest.
  16. Ah the clever Dutch first wooden shoes, now wooden heads Seriously: R van den Berg, very well done, I especially like the 3 dimensional feel of the piece. Very creative use of the effects
  17. AH, parle vu Américain? In my coroner of the world, You'd be using words as border or mat or, because we are kinda linguistically weird, mat border. But I have to admit, for the extra special framed art, Passepartout, lends a certain savoir-faire to the whole thing. Thus ends my Americanized French usage for today, Au revoir
  18. Nice answers Mike and Scott. "It is some times hard to understand the simple, when perusing the seeming complex " - ancient Pseudo Filosophir - Ignoramiess
  19. Some how missed this little gem....OK OK I wasnt paying attention again-sigh Great idea Martin; This can make our printing decisions more clear, so we get what we "thought" we were setting up for. Thanks
  20. I stand, or in this case sit, corrected Hope you have had a nice start to your winter solstice, as we start our summer here
  21. Light is the bright stuff you see in the sunlight; shadows are the thing following you -in the sunlight --see? simples Now that I have straightened out your confusion, you can move ahead with confidence........ or not note: yes I retained the sigs I liked to look upon....hairy legged guys not so much
  22. Kitty Soules , nice "lumppy-ness" , light to dark gradation is well done. At another time, some stars would help offset the monochromatic feel of the background. Regardless, I like the work, keep sending in more. Goonfella well executed moon. the combination with your prior earth is stunning. I'll have to give your technique a try.....as soon as I figure out the original tuit (No, it is not the tuit -its me pudgy fingers and small brain) cweber54 well done on both, your "earth" shows a very fine since of color and glow-wild background too.
  23. Well, Hello avatar, Welcome! nice to see you. You are looking very fine in those colors, and nice roundness. Oh, and say am, welcome, as well, to your human when your see 'em next.
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