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  1. I have not yet reported it. Its the first bug of its kind that I remember and only on v 4.2.13 as far as I can recall. I was only able to test this on one particular file that I saved on my Desktop and everytime I make changes to it and save it, this .pdn.0.pdnSave appears. Its then disappears after reboot. Strange. Its like a temp file for the PDN document that is supposed to disappear but isn't able to do so quickly.
  2. Does this new version fix that bug that creates this .pdn.0.pdnSave file on the same folder as my saved PDN? If I saved a file called sample.pdn, it creates this sample.pdn.0.pdnSave files on the same folder. Its 0 bytes in size, cannot be deleted and disappears at reboot. This started happening to me after the last major release. Thanks.
  3. The sample you gave had multiple things done to it to achieve this. Its not the work of one single plugin. I suspect this was done on vector. First you work on an all-transparent layer and put the font there. The dark shadows inside the letters were lines drawn on top with the line tool on an upper layer then merged with the layer of the main font layer. The white outline is easy. You can use Object>>Outline Object for that. The box looking body of the font can be achieved by Object>>Trail. You have to duplicate the font layer and apply Trail and recol
  4. Yes, you have to have two layers so that the upper object does not erase the portion of lower object that comes into contact. Are you not confusing Paint.NET perhaps with another program? It is possible to a certain degree with MS Paint to overlap objects when transparent selection is enabled or in Inkscape that several objects in one layer could overlap one another with ruining them or in MS Publisher where several photo could overlap just fine in one page.
  5. @Pixey Upon doing a Google search on OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dll and OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dlc, this site called (Snip) comes up and when I try to download there, it goes to a blank page and it doesn't download. Luckily, there were other links that still work as was linked to me on this thread. I wish I had found this plugin earlier as I had finished a couple of projects where I used the older circle text plugin that doesn't distance the letters that smoothly.
  6. Thanks Djisves and NSD. Appreciate it a lot. I have issues with the old circular text plugin I use and luckily I found this new one.
  7. I seem to be having trouble trying to download OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dll and OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dlc on the site with a captcha before download. Anybody know where I could download those files? Thanks.
  8. Seems to have resolved much of the memory problem I was having with v4.2.8. A much needed update for working on larger files. Thanks again Rick.
  9. Thanks again Boltbait. I'd wait for the new one that's found on Effects > Photo and maybe you could use a new icon for that too?
  10. OK. Maybe they should have different names, not both "Combined Adjustments". Kinda confusing and should have different icons too. Thanks for the plugin by the way.
  11. Why is this v.1.0 when I have Combined Adjustments 4.0? Version 4.0 has adjustments for Noise and Final Multiply Adjustment that are not present on this one but 4.0 does not have the black and white option, invert colors and preview original image.
  12. I am still on v 4.2.7 and was offline for over a week. I do not know if this has been addressed with v.4.2.8 but the changelog does not say so. When I tried to resize an image that is 1489x1013 to 300% with 4 layers, I get an error dialog of not enough memory. I have a smaller image opened and when I close that, the resize did work one time. Its a relatively small image and I do not know why PDN would list that as not enough memory when I have a significant amount of free RAM even with a 2GB laptop. Here is the crashlog: Application version: paint.net 4.2.7
  13. Thanks for the update. Just curious, is this the year end update or do we wait for another one just around New Year?
  14. It does not have the midtones option. I still did better results with Levels and Curves+ I do have Combined Adjustments but that's for another situation.
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