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  1. Apparently I struggle with that. Completely transparent pixels/areas INSIDE selections are not ignored and would erase anything on the same layer that it touches when the selection is moved around. Very inconvenient for moving letters for me.
  2. Thanks again Rick. I have skipped v4.0.18. Thought I'd wait for feedback before upgrading and will do so for this one as well.
  3. I know none of the built-in effects have small image previews. It looks as if it was a combination of effects than one plugin but try what Madjik had suggested. There are some other methods and plugins to try to re-create the effect which I think is rather cool. I can imagine a font like that be used on some cover of a mystery novel or something.
  4. I'm not sure I get you correctly. Maybe care to show us an example of what you are trying to achieve?
  5. That's easy enough. All you had to do is to have your scene as the Background layer and basically you trace out the person from your original image and put him on a top layer. For your blending example, you only have to have separate layers for each of the diver's positions. Take a look at my video of how I would approach something like this.
  6. Yes, image compositing and blending are possible on Paint.NET because we have layer support and it would not take as much resources as Photoshop to achieve. I can do it but I think I would find very handy the plugins such as AA's Assistant, Feather and Liquify for that. I have been playing and made my own movie and game spoof posters for that. Are there any specifics on the type of compositing and blending you want to achieve?
  7. Texture Object Rounder

    This is amazing. I think you can do a 3D-ish chess piece on this and many more! If you could combine shapes that it supports.
  8. free degree rotate

    Welcome to the forums. That's easy enough, all you had to do was CTRL+A to select the whole image on the active layer, hold your right-mouse button and drag it to the left or right to rotate the whole image. When using any of the selection tools (Rectangular select, Lasso select, Ellipse select), you can click on Move Selected Pixels tool then hold your right-mouse button and drag it to the left or right to rotate the selection. You may also try the Advanced Rotate plugin as part of this plugin pack.
  9. Thanks for the tutorial. Additionally, if you want smaller and finer, sand-like dissolving particles, you can duplicate the layers with the scattering particles on, go to Effects>>Distort>>Frosted Glass and play around with the maximum and minimum scatter radius. I have gotten to use the built-in Frosted Glass effect for sand-like dissolving textures and I think, that built-in plugin needed some love and would make this technique even better.
  10. I love the transparent selection feature of MS Paint because it could do me wonders before I learned Paint.NET and how to work with layers. Basically, I have a background image opened on one MS Paint window and lets say an image of a person opened on another MS Paint window which I would trace out and make sure that it is completely surrounded by white before copy-pasting it to the background image with the transparent selection enabled on both windows. There was jaggedness of course because MS Paint does not have a good feathering feature (but I know a technique how to do some of it on MS Paint). It makes a lot of sense on a program like MS Paint that has no layer support. However, I think a variation of this "transparent selection" idea may just be useful on some situations like for moving text on the same layer. Because if I create a selection on a single letter and use the Move Selected Pixels tool to move that letter, the boundaries of my selection would force transparency on anything else outside that it touches, including other letters. I have encountered this quite a number of times, that I had to create another layer, paste my single letter there so I could move it freely without distorting the other letters. I think it would be an OK addition to "Move Selected Pixels" tool.
  11. Try Boltbait's Plugin pack. There is a plugin there called Remove Dust. That should help with reducing the grain. Once installed, Remove Dust should be under Effects>>Photo.
  12. What I would do is manually erase the gray near the "headshine" using the Eraser tool but with really low Hardness. Lets say 0 hardness on the Eraser tool. This makes erasing very smooth around the radius of your Eraser so you could retain that "headshine". Carefully erase every bit of gray that surrounds the "headshine" so erase the gray around the shoulders and the woman's hand as well. And when the area surrounding the "headshine" is totally devoid of any gray, use the Magic Wand to select the rest of the gray wall for deletion. Adjust your Tolerance as IRON67 suggests and see which percentage gives the most pleasing result of not including the areas you don't want to delete.
  13. R.I.P. MSPaint

    I have been using PDN now far more than MS Paint but I disagree with such a move even though I'm still on Windows 7 and not Windows 10. Learn MS Paint and you can still do some good stuff with it. I was an MS Paint hero before my introduction to PDN so I have sentimental concerns about this. Think about it, you are on Windows 10 that now came with the new update, you are offline, you cannot download other image editors from any online stores of some sort and all you need was to paste and save a screenshot frm your clipboard or crop an image. You got stuck because MS Paint is no longer there. How terribly inconvenient. Its now one of those things that I wish MS hadn't removed like Windows Media Center, Windows Movie Maker and the graphical method of creating an adhoc network that was last seen on Windows 7. The Start Menu and Start button were as well but backlashed on MS so they had to put those two back.
  14. The portable mode is what intrigues me on this when I read about the v.4.0.17. Will wait for feedback from the others though.
  15. Some simple and effective technique there Madjik. Great results on PDN without the complicated masks like some would do on Photoshop.