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  1. Good work on the Seascape tut', LionsDragon! The long boat adds a story... Vikings off for a hard days pillaging?
  2. Seerose - Very 'craggy' rock textures. Thanks for posting. (I must hunt out my old Deep Purple albums) Oceana - I'm glad you're enjoying this one. Thanks for the compliment and for the picture. I like the textures created in the sky.
  3. Thank you (and helpers!) for all your hard work restoring images and creating PDFs.
  4. Seerose - Beautiful 'metallic' flowers, many thanks for posting the examples. Lynxster - Thanks for posting the text image. I've got PS elements on my Vista machine but haven't used it for many years, I find Pdn more flexible! I'm glad you have found a technique to get the text effect you after. If there are other text styles you can't emulate, do post an example in 'discussions'. Between us all we should be able to get close. Nitenurse - cool! Reminds me of the Janis Joplin song. Thanks for posting.
  5. Welcome to the forum, 2.7182818 etc. Good idea for a plugin, thanks for sharing. Suggestions: State that it is found under Effects/Object (though it works on opaque Secondary color backgrounds). You could link the max and min sliders tooexample code
  6. Andrew David - cool Eiffel tower image for Bastille day yesterday. Good work, thanks for posting. Eli - 'Oscar' Macron? - clever use of the effect, thanks for posting. D.S. - Object edge is one way to get a gradient over an object. I tend to use it twice, first with a large radius then with a smaller one to darken the sharp corners. The techniques I described here should work.Clipwarped text tutorial The unpublished 'EdgeShaderMJW' effect (on this thread edge shader) is also very useful. Direct download below. EdgeShaderMJW (MJW's version is at least 10 times faster than mine!)
  7. LionsDragon - thank you! (I'm out of reps at the moment). D.S. - thanks for the info. Interesting how the O is distorted - computers never do what I expect them to!
  8. Interesting example D.S. - looks great btw, thanks for posting. My first impression was the text was standing higher than the background texture but it could equally be incised into the texture. Just a matter of the way we 'read' 2d images I guess. Most classical still life paintings use a top left to bottom right light source... the same direction we read text. As your image has a horizontal light source it could be considered either right to left (raised, convex text) or left to right (concave, inward text). Does that make any sense ...I can get carried away sometimes! The letter 'O' is not symmetrical? - Did you use a non-centred motion blur at some point, or is that just the font?
  9. That's beautiful Pixey! Thank you for posting it.
  10. Line/Curve tool, constrain to straight? I draw a straight line between two points. I then wish to extend the ends to the edge of the canvas before 'finish'. I cannot currently see any way of doing this without bending the existing line. Is there a modifier key to constrain the control nubs to a straight line? I suspect there is not (as shift is used as an angle constraint) and I couldn't find anything in the docs. If so, please could one be added or ...(even better and more user friendly) add a straight line option next to the Spline and Bezier options? Thanks for considering
  11. Thanks for the explanation and the links D.S. Thanks for posting the image Sasha, it highlights the textures well - the residence of Lord and Lady Bling?...imagine if it was chocolate under the gold foil!
  12. Many thanks - brilliant tutorial ...but it can send you boss-eyed!
  13. Another great result on the gear-wheel animation D.S. Many thanks for posting it and the tips.
  14. Cool! - You should go for it. Image looks good D.S. - thanks for posting it.
  15. Thank you Sasha and Nitenurse... Good to see you both frequenting the forum. I look forward to seeing what you come up with Sasha. Dipstick - That's brilliant! Your animation skills always amaze, thank you for posting it.
  16. ^I love the wobbly reflected gold line motif too! Thanks Eli.
  17. Thanks for posting Pixey. The frame looks great and compliments the bird image. Thanks Andrew ... I was tempted.
  18. LionsDragon and barbieq25, thanks for saying thanks! Thanks for the image Eli ... but the gold paint isn't quite dry yet!
  19. Cool image Lynxster - thanks for posting it! Have you tried: 1. The opposite angle 2. The negation blend mode. 3. Inverting the 'map' before use? If none of those work I can P.M. you the code, so you can tweak it for your needs. The tone gradient is what it is - I'm simply applying shading based on adding an offset angle.
  20. Excellent images by all so far - makes me thirsty!
  21. Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17) Name: TGAngle (Tone Gradient Angle)* Description: Shows the relative angle of the tone gradient giving various emboss effects. Menu: Stylize Original release date: 10th July 2017 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: TGAngle Compatibility: Tested on Pdn3.5.11 and latest Pdn4 version. Firstly let me thank MJW! - I used the super-sampling techniques he showed me when writing 'Aardvark'. There are already similar effects available but the AAsmoothing and colouring blend choices should make this useful too. Run this on a layer with an image that has some variation in tone. The built-in 'Clouds' is good to test on. So are photographs but you will get better results if you resize the image to a reasonable size - say less than 1000 pixels (max side). Do try the metallic colouring options too!(These were designed to work with the colouring slider at halfway but do experiment). Hopefully you should see some screen shots below (image hosts permitting) that should give you some ideas. Please show me what you can create with it! *(Tone Gradient Magnitude gives good outline effects too - but I haven't finished writing that yet).