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  1. Hello, A plugin that can handle counting and alphabetical labelling would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If you transform your photo to black and white first and then you use the Color ramp... adjustment plugin, you may obtain something like you want.
  3. Thanks, I have some clipart that needed thicker borders and this is ideal for that task.
  4. Hello, The sample you posted has some grain and texture. So I think that you are looking for some type of texturing. You may try to render some Clouds and and then use some ofthe Distortion effects.
  5. @midora Thanks a lot, your plugin helps. I can find the other two corners with the information provided by the Measure Selection tool.
  6. Hello, Is there a plugin that can give the exact position of the four corners of a selection? Thanks.
  7. The plugin index is a wonderful place to find things. Have you tried it?
  8. Hello @Jazzbear, Did you use the text tool or a plugin? Perhaps you used the Spaced Text plugin and adjusted the line spacing to your needs.
  9. @Pixey Thanks for your answer, but as @Ego Eram Reputo said,the characters should not be turned. @Ladybug Thanks too, I have used your link in the past. I just need something different. @Reptillian Yeap, the circle text plugin could do it but it needs just one option. Too bad the author is away. @midora I like your idea about a "maker" category where perhaps education tools (worksheet generators) could be added. I like flexagones, I will try your Paper Kaleidocycles plugin. @Ego Eram Reputo I think I will use your organigram plugin to create this type of activity. I noticed that the bubbles number is limited to 50, would it be possible to increase it? Thanks to all of you.
  10. Not really, the circle is actually a wordsearch activity for kids. There are hidden words in the circles. The horizontal disposition of the letters is important for readability like the numbers in a clock.
  11. Hello, I'm trying to create circles with text as in this image. I've tried the circle and the circular text plugins but they render text circles differently to my example. Are there any other text plugins I could try?
  12. Hi, I tried to create a license plate a few days ago and used the Normal Map Plus plugin to create the emboss effect but could not get the metal shine.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to split a photo into several pieces of the same size. So far, I'm using rectangular shapes as guidelines which help me select an area of my photo and copy it into a new image from where I can save it. But this process is very long, I have many photos to split. Is there a tool that can split photos and save the pieces ?
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