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  1. Heh. What other way to make someone laugh than spamming Chaos Rainbows Of Cute Teddy Bears That Have Awesome Fedoras And Ponies With Fluffy Pillows That Make me Feel Good Inside. You are thinking now, what an epic failure to get the Funniest Person award. So true. Anyways, I'm not around that much to know all this! The only people I know are the names easy to remember! Ash... Erm, Rick... Uhh... Some Eram Raputo guy, he's a mod. I'm sorry you have so few votes, but as I said, I don't know enough people. Ugh, screw this, I'll vote next year.
  2. Great news, everybody! Apple sells the all new, iMario! *Mario theme song not included
  3. I think mine turned out AWESOME. Also, credit to FLIP for the Idea of the background.
  4. The final result, carrying a bit more impact as well, looks kind of like when red food coloring (or, for you desolate people out there, blood) is dropped into liquid, forming those letters. Very well done. Favorited, and a dedication to doing it.
  5. I'm working on a semi-huge project that involves this... I'll be done sometime later. When I am, ... Yeah, I really don't know.
  6. All right--- Cool, isn't it? I'ma put it as my Avvy, if ya dont mind.
  7. *sigh* Is your real name Edward? Wouldn't be surprised. Anyways, great tut! I'm not much of a Twilight fan myself, but this will suuuure come in handy! Bookmarked! I shall be a Vampire. Rawr.
  8. If I upgrade Paint.Net to the new version, do my plugins get lost? Or will I still have them? :?
  9. With a less desired effect, in my opinion.
  10. Gives a real nice smooth and good effect. Bookmarked, I love it all the way!
  11. I officaily hate JPEG. Go PNG! Go BITMAP! Go other file types!
  12. Awesomeness. makes an epic effect, keep it up!
  13. Yeah, this one gives a better effect somehow. I like it!
  14. Hmm... I tried this on wood. didnt turn out the best... But, ok!
  15. Wow, I got Rick on this! Thanks guys, you were a great help
  16. I have the font file, how do I put it into paint.net? I cant find a Fonts folder like Effects that I can just paste it in. Please help! :?
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