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  1. cool i see you used the page curl plugin
  2. yeh i thought about brightness and contrast but it doesnt give the best results and as you said Threshold is the best.
  3. Thanks for the tips especially about the alpha mask and the threshold tip, if you dont mind i'll update my tutorial to incorporate the thing about the threshold, but i think i'll keep the bit about deleting the white because it reminds people what teh global option does.
  4. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Well here's a tutorial adapted from a Photoshop's tutorial and as you've probably guessed we're going to make a map... EDIT: There are now two ways for doing step 3, thanks to @PeaceHeather. Below are links to the effects mentioned in this tutorial: Threshold by @Ed Harvey Multi-Threshold by @dpy Curves+ and Gradient Mapping by @pyrochild Grid / Checkerboard by @BoltBait Lines/Grid by @ReMake Here's the final product: Step 1 Open up a new image 800x600 px (File =&
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