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  1. Eh, you're right, but it's not quite as sharp looking. Plus the shading isn't as accurate. It would be easier for more far-away photos, since these details wouldn't matter then, but for close ups I think it has issues.
  2. Psh, sparklepires don't even have fangs. Lame. Happy to be of use, though. && everyone else's tries look fantastic. ^^
  3. Thanks. But how do you mean, the sides curved?
  4. I can't describe how much I love you for this. xD I refrained from putting text, since I thought it looked better without my username. Just gotta wait till I can decide what to put on it. ^^
  5. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hi! First tutorial, and have been playing with this effect a lot. Here are a couple of my tries: Okay, so first off, find an image. You'll have to use one with an open mouth, I googled something like 'teeth smile' or 'open teeth smile'. If you're gonna change the color of the lipes (i.e. give her lipstick) then it also helps to have an image where they already have some on, so it's easier to see where the line of color that you make should stop. First thing
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