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  1. All of the pieces are brilliant, and thanks for all the compliments on the tut!
  2. Awesome job Portos! I can see what you mean by not using the circle. It looks very knotted together. Good job!
  3. @Alphawolf626 Wow that looks really smart! The subtle pink/red goes really well with the black and gives a nice result! The doubling up also looks good!
  4. @Remii9512 I'm not sure what to say about that. I think they work for the other people @HELEN Thanks!
  5. How about... a mobile phone? I like the second background down. I wish I knew how to do neons. It reminds me of one of those under sea plants with the flailing arms. Cheers, Swalski
  6. I don't know what it is about the first one but it looks really *ahem* "funky fresh" as I would say . That space scape is awesome too. I couldn't make anything like that when I was (or am) a noob!
  7. Sorry I know I'm going off Metroid here, but... Apart from alllll those fixes, is the game any good? I'm not sure whether to get it. It's only a tenner on ebay.
  8. You mean, I wrote that in depth review, and you'd already got a console!?!?!?!? :shock: Maybe I shouldn't skip from page 1 to page 4 :oops:
  9. Hmmmmmm. Toughie. I don't mean to sound spoilt but I have both ( ) so I can make a, what's the word, non-bias decision. Xbox 360: Probably the best thing about Xbox is that it has a lot of community support and keeps you updated on Inside Xbox. And you can make Avatars which is pretty cool. I know a lot of people have said this already but the downfall of 360 is that Live costs. But I have noticed something. You pay for live, but the content you buy is cheaper. Take COD:WAW Map Pack 3. I bought this on PS3 for £7.99 (Or for all the Americans $10). On Xbox the Map Pack is 800 Microso
  10. Hi! I hope everyone has enjoyed my gallery. I have not updated for ages because... 1. I have been on a holiday to Spain for the past week and 2... 2. My inspiration is at an all time low and I have no idea what to do! Cheers, Swalski *EDIT* There we go. A new piece.
  11. Thank you for the comments! @KillerK: I see what you mean about the colours not contrasting, especially so on "Gaming". I wasn't particularly sure what colours to, so I used blue my fave. @Possum Roadkill: Funnily enough, I didn't intend on the Terminator one being a sig. I saw "Terminator Salvation" and I wanted to make something to do with it. I used a plain 800x600 at first, but cropped it to a smaller size because there was big gaps in it! Cheers, Swalski
  12. Awesome! Amazingly good effects, but so simple! Cheers, Swalski
  13. Welcome to Swalski’s Stuffs! (Swalski’s Art Gallery) I don’t have a huge collection, but I am planning to keep expanding it! Latest Update! First, Signatures And Avatars Hidden Content: One of my earlier sigs, although, I sort of still like it Looking back, I don’t like this one at all My first Avatar! My fave sig and av combo, and what I am using at the time of writing this LJXD's Siggy Tut. Cheers! Now, How About Some Backgrounds And Abstracts? Hidden Content:
  14. I prefer your "Dream Machine" sig to the wallpaper because the wallpaper seems too pale. Your sig is really bright and awesome though And... Lol. I guess that's polar transformation for ya :wink:
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