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  1. The top one that says "text" is Franks.
  2. Yeah, the white ellipse covers up the top part of the gradient. It's pretty much my fault though, because I did not darken the bottom enough in the example. I forgot to add to use a filled ellipse, I'll change that. I wan't thinking...you could just drag to the bottom right and corner to get black...I'll change that.
  3. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial will show you how to make glossy, "web 2.0 style" text. Plugins needed: Outline Object by @BoltBait or Outline Object by @pyrochild Optional Plugins: Color Balance by @BoltBait or Color Balance+ by @dpy Drop Shadow by @KrisVDM HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS 1. First, open () or create () a new image. Create a New Layer () and write some text in whatever color you want. Name this layer "Text." 2. Duplicate this layer. Call the new one "Gradient Text".
  4. Sweet tutorial! This is now my new desktop background. Resized from original.
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