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  1. Update! Glossy text has arrived. What do yo think?
  2. UPDATE! I've added a Vista Folder icon and a Web 2.0 button. Check them out.
  3. The top one that says "text" is Franks.
  4. Sweet! My brushes list was getting pretty long. You should put this in the description, or a help file, or something.
  5. Thanks, that worked perfectly! By the way, what's up with the "All Categories" drop-down list?
  6. Even in version 1.9, if you change the brush size by typing a new number in the box, the brush size will not be changed until you use the brush twice. At least the undo bug is fixed. Please fix this bug.
  7. CyberSpace's Gallery So I figured I'd make a gallery because I want to show off my work. I'll probably add a header later. 3/10/2010 - Glossy Text I love making glossy text. This one has the "inner glow" (it's more like inner outline) effect. It also has some diagonal lines in it. I like them. What do you think? 3/9/2010 - Web 2.0 Button Another Photoshop tut. This one was harder. I like the way it turned out. 3/9/2010 - Vista Folder Icon Made using this Photoshop tutorial and using some alternate methods for things you can't do in Paint.NET. (My inner glow is a combo of Alp
  8. Cool stuff. Orange is my favorite color! Also, what font do you use for the "welcome to my gallery" on the first post?
  9. That would make sense. I guess I'll have to wait, my upgrade isn't shipping until next month.
  10. The text in version 3.5 is very rough compared to 3.36. I hated it so much, I switched back to 3.36. Anyone else notice this? EDIT: I'm using Windows 7 RC
  11. Use motion blur, effects>blurs>motion blur. Also, this should not be in the tutorials section.
  12. Yeah, the white ellipse covers up the top part of the gradient. It's pretty much my fault though, because I did not darken the bottom enough in the example. I forgot to add to use a filled ellipse, I'll change that. I wan't thinking...you could just drag to the bottom right and corner to get black...I'll change that.
  13. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial will show you how to make glossy, "web 2.0 style" text. Plugins needed: Outline Object by @BoltBait or Outline Object by @pyrochild Optional Plugins: Color Balance by @BoltBait or Color Balance+ by @dpy Drop Shadow by @KrisVDM HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS 1. First, open () or create () a new image. Create a New Layer () and write some text in whatever color you want. Name this layer "Text." 2. Duplicate this layer. Call the new one "Gradient Text".
  14. Glitches: After you resize a brush, you have to use the brush once before it becomes the new size. This is very annoying. The undo button doesn't work all of the time. Sometimes three times, sometimes none. Other than that this is awesome! Could you add ctrl+z and ctrl+y shortcuts? (undo and redo, respectively) Good Job!
  15. First try. Cool? Also, check out my other wallpaper
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