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  1. Making 'Grass' into 'Lush Grass' By ChrisPperson of Paint.NET Difficulty Level: 2.5/10.0 Plugins Needed: None! Other Needed Things: A picture with grass, and having sky in the picture may be nice to get a cool effect. Before: After: Step One: Use the Magic Wand tool to select the sky area of the picture. I set my tolerance level to the following to select the whole sky in the picture (This part is incredibly important! Do not mess this up!) And then selected the sky so that it would look like this: Step Two: :GaussianBlur: Next, use the Gaussian Blur filter on th
  2. Hi. You know how you can make it so that you make a gradient with your primary color and secondary color? By any chance, can you make the secondary color transparent? If not, is there any other ways to make a gradient where one color is fading into transparency? Thanks!
  3. Plugins Needed: Smudge. Drop Shadow Outline Selection Hi. On this tutorial, I will show you how to make text, that will look something like this: Or This. 1. Open up a new image, and make the entire image transparent. 2. Write text on that image with any font, as long as it is somewhat wide (I used Reservoir at 48). Make it a relatively light color, or else this may turn out not the way you want it. 3. Select the text. 4. Now, choose two colors. One is the color you used for the text, the other is a darker version of that color! You will then run a gradient of those on th
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