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  1. Google's OS would probably be integrated with the internet to the nth degree, would automatically back up your computer online, and would be entirely closed-source, albeit free. Mozilla's OS would be clean, fast, and simple, would be integrated with OpenOffice for office software, PDN for image-editing (well, we can hope, right?), etc. Applications and extensions for this OS would be written by independent programmers and hosted on Mozilla's website free of charge It would also be able to run Windows applications. Before long, cell phones would use a mobile variation of the Mozilla OS. Car computer systems would then start using it, as would aircraft avionics. The USAF would adopt it for their next fighter jet. Some smart hacker in Nigeria would then create a virus that caused all of the US military aircraft to self-destruct and sell it to China. Obviously, then, we all need to start learning Chinese as soon as a Mozilla OS comes out.
  2. :shock: :shock: :shock: That would be SO AWESOME! Better yet, if you could make it apply certain effects as brushes (I know next to nothing about coding plugins, so I don't know how hard that would be), that would be even more awesome. Then we could have a Blur brush! And a Dents brush! *goes gaga at the thought* EDIT: Darn, got beat on that one by PeaceHeather.
  3. If you want to open EPS files in Paint.NET, you can use this site to convert them to PNG files: http://convert.neevia.com. However, this site has an upload limit of 1MB, so if your EPS is larger than that you'll have to use something else.
  4. Are you referring to how long a given line would be once you printed it out? If you're talking about printing, the length of a given number of pixels depends on the resolution you chose for printing (DPI). The higher your DPI is, the more pixels there will be in each inch, so the shorter the line will come out if you print it.
  5. Unless there's some specific reason you have to use JPEGs, I would recommend using PNGs instead, both because they have better quality and because they support transparency. Also, if you really want true anti-aliasing on your cutouts, use Alpha Masking instead of the Magic Wand. To get the plugin, search for "alpha mask import" in the plugins section on this forum. To learn how to use it, check out the tutorials by Crazy Man Dan, both accessed from this page.
  6. Also, the Recolor tool can do what you seem to want your "color replace" tool to do. I take it you want to replace a specific color through the entire image? Just set the color to be replaced as your secondary color and the color you want to replace it with as your primary color, set your Recolor brush size really high (like 400 pixels), set your tolerance, and go at it.
  7. I doubt it would be possible to make a "plugin" that creates C4D-type renders, as it is a 3D rendering program. That little "plugin" would be more like an entire program.
  8. Unfortunately, because Paint.NET is not a 3D image editor, it is very difficult to rotate 3D-looking objects after finalization. The best solution would be to re-do the cube and spin it in Shape3D before finalizing it.
  9. I ALWAYS have music stuck in my head. Well, except when I'm asleep. But sometimes my dreams have background music. Currently I've got Ein Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart in there...
  10. Two excellent tutorials by CMD on how to use Alpha Masking can be found on this page, the "Alpha Masking Overview" and "Alpha Masking - Cutouts" tutorials.
  11. He means that v4.0 will come bundled with an image which includes a pony and the Photoshop logo.
  12. If you care to spend a little time on it, you could try Alpha Masking. The plugin can be found here. CMD's excellent tutorials for its use may be found here and here.
  13. Also, if you really want perfect edges, you might want to check out the Alpha Mask plugin. Also check the alpha masking tutorials (this and this) by Crazy Man Dan.
  14. As I believe has been stated before, we're not here to do your work for you. However, you might want to head over to the Pictorium and the Tutorials+ forums and see what you find there. Maybe you'll be inspired.
  15. Mirror over line might be what you're looking for. Alternatively, you could just select whatever you want mirrored, duplicate the layer, and flip the layer horizontally. The flip horizontally might be a BoltBait plugin, I'm not sure.
  16. Or if you want a little more precision, resize it the way you have been, then go to Image -> Resize again and put 1680X1050 in the "Canvas Size" boxes.
  17. I would love to see an effect like this. I think (and many appear to agree with me) that PDN's weakest aspect is its text effects. Not to knock it or anything, but I sometimes end up using different programs for the text.
  18. I think you may be looking for the Octagonal Reshape plugin. It can be found in this post: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=27897&p=233113#p233113
  19. It's a plugin. It probably just got messed up somehow, so you just need to re-download it and put the .dll in your Effects folder (C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects).
  20. The number of layers can be found in the floating 'layers' window, by default located down on the bottom right corner. If there's just one box that looks like a miniature version of your picture, with "Background" as a name, then you don't need to worry about flattening.
  21. You might want to take a look at Wither's tutorial Faking Soft Brushes and the Blur/Dodge/Burn tool. That's as close to spray paint as I can think of off the top of my head. Unless you were talking about something else?
  22. Or Alpha Mask, if you want smooth edges. A tutorial on how to alpha mask can be found here. That's a more advanced technique, however, so if you're just looking for a quick fix use the magic wand.
  23. Also, it really helps if you put your text on a separate layer. Not quite a substitute for an editable "text layer" or some-such, but it's in the Popular Feature Requests and, I believe, is planned for a 4.xx release.
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