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  1. Hmm alright so apng support will make it more clearer haha.. i'll give it a shot. Thanks for the help bro ^_^ Cheers!
  2. Alright it worked but when saving it..it did something to my sig that distorted the color or something. Any idea what that is?
  3. So how do you become accuracte putting the frame in a certain place? does it just take time ? or do you really gotta look at where you place it and there are no short cuts? Next step?
  4. Yes 8 frames, i duplicated 8 backgrounds. So what do you want me to do next? Merge the frames one by one with backgrounds?
  5. Alright done, If i want to move the gif to an area...how can i do it... lol it seems that theres 8 copies of it and i gotta move all 8... what if also i want to resize it to a certain size? Alright next?
  6. Woah it worked... hmm alright so i got a lot of layers of it? what next ?
  7. It gives me a warning saying program may be unusable if you change name but i changed at to .agif what next?
  8. Alright.. So give me some easy steps to follow once i get the zip locked file. That way i don't get lose along the way ..lol
  9. I use firefox.. but shouldn't this whole gif anime program that you made work on the paint program? Why is it that internet browser is so important.
  10. I don't use explore i use mozilla. But i'm pretty new at this.. so umm could you put it in lamer terms on some easy steps i have to take right after i move the file into file types? Thanks.
  11. Open the animation (read above). Make a layer with your sig beneath all of the animation frames. Merge each frame layer to the sig layer beneath it. Save as agif, then change the file extension to .gif (as stated above). I put the animation plugin into the files type folder. But i can't use it for some reason? Anyway to activate it? Do i just go Open and search for the GIF? or is there a way to do it through the gif maker? and how do i rename then .agif before importing? Please use detail. thanks again.
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