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  1. its a suit,you have to bring your own head.
  2. Idk i just thought it was funny and effective way to grab some peoples attention and address common forum issues in a humorous way.
  3. I found this video rather hilarious yet rather true and if someone has the ability and time to make one for the PDN forums,i think it would do some good and make some laughs.This particular video was made for the STEAM forums but pertains to forums all over the web.Enjoy! (Some vulgarity but not excessive just a warning)
  4. Also if you are a firefox user check out an add on program for it called APNG Editor.
  5. You may want to contact Rick Brewster here on the forums.He is the creator of the program and could probably help you the best.
  6. For a minute there i was feeling like a terrible son lol good to know its not here yet
  7. yeah i used multiple layers at different opacities with varying blending types to make it look solid yet transparent
  8. Wacom is a solid company with quality products so i'm sure it works out pretty well.You can probably find useful reviews on various sites and stuff.Google would be your best friend for this one. Basically if you deem that it meets your needs then its right for you.
  9. First order of business Its a cool sig but im hoping you took that pic yourself otherwise it kinda takes away from the creativity.The text color works well with the sig but i think it'd be neat if you messed with some of the colors or added something you think fit to make it more of a photo manip.3/5 And also You didn't rate my sig or offer anything that could,by any stretch of the imagination,be considered useful.You would have been better off not posting at all and letting someone who would actually post something useful rate my sig. Its meant to be like the taped,stamped top of a cardboard box,they aren't exactly that thrilling in the first place but i thought it was a good concept and a quick little something to commemorate my 100 posts. So lets try this again for my 101st post with someone that understands how RATE the sig of the poster above you works. Please Rate Didn't mean to rant but it irritated me...
  10. For my 100th post i decided to make a quick little sig up.Wasn't going for groundbreaking but i figured its just a fun little sig i made. Rate
  11. If you want the people more of white figures or more of just one color cut out the person your using,put them on their own layer,use the silhouette effect effects>object>silhouette (may have been in a plug in i dont recall) and do whichever color you want,then once you get the color you want adjust the opacity of that layer and youll have a ghostly figure,that may be what your looking for if not,i tried lol
  12. The first sig is a bit too plain but has some character to it. 2/5 The 2nd one is pretty unique and i like it.It has a rose valentine feel to it,not sure if that was your inspiration but its what i get from it.Only thing is i feel that text doesn't fit other than that good sig 3/5 (would be 4 if better fitting text)
  13. Cola

    Sharp 7.25.11

    looks pretty awesome,nice work.Something tells me that if you tweaked the opacity and had multiple layers of it and used some blurs,you could make smoke out of the same idea your using there.May be something you wanna try out and see if you can do it.
  14. Your n00b tyranny cannot stop the the forces of oma. also welcome to paint.net
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