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  1. looks pretty good i like it,gives it an action feel but maintains a good middle ground to where its not overdone.
  2. @siren625 Thank you very much for your compliment.I'm really glad you like it!
  3. @Jake2k Looks really awesome man,its going to be a great wallpaper but it makes a very solid sig aswell,i dont think you could have had a better font for this sig,its perfect! @JJgunz Out of the 2 i like the first one the best,to me the colors seem to work better and it just makes it more esthetically pleasing and more in depth
  4. wow that came out really nice! Well done! It makes me want to reach in my screen and take it lol.
  5. Awesome idea,while i only use PDN for now,i can see how this just made things a lot more convenient for multi-program users.Way to go!
  6. Looks awesome Jake,love the sigs,everything flows really well and looks great!
  7. unlocker has saved me so many time.Awesome little tool
  8. People,for the most part,aren't proud of anyone else anymore.They are either jealous of whatever the subject may be,or they could care less even if whatever it may be means a lot to that person and took a lot of time,work and skill.I'm making this observation public not because its something that happens to me,lately often,but i've seen it happen to other people all the time.People that i am personally proud of and proud of the things they do get sold short or not given the credit they deserve because others are jealous or don't care about anyone but themselves.I for one choose to support the
  9. Clouds are definitely one of the most versatile tools.Awesome work Jake,i think the sig came together nicely.
  10. Amazing job.Love the floor textures and reflections,it looks great.As far as a name,thats a tough one.If i come up with any suggestions i'll be sure to post.
  11. Here is part of a wallpaper I'm working on.The words are from Murmaider by Dethklok.Anyone who is a fan i think will click with this piece more than others.
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