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  1. Well, you could delete it out of your photobucket/imageshack/whatever album, then upload the changed image with the same name - it should have the same URL, I think.
  2. Well, you could just Deselect, then Undo when you want to re-select...
  3. That's terrific for a first attempt. I agree with Down, though, the gray bars don't quite seem to fit. I would recommend changing the color, maybe to a lighter red, and drawing (in a new layer) a curvy white line. Make the line taper by using motion blur, and adjust the layer opacity down to where it looks good.
  4. Yes, it is a plugin. Download Ed Harvey's plugin pack to get it.
  5. Renders are allowable, and the piece is still technically "100% PDN" even if all you did was render something. However, a render should just be your starting point, i.e., I use clouds as the starting point for my signature.
  6. Any possibility you could make the .NET framework into a U3 app as well, so that you don't need .NET to be previously installed before running PdN? Just wondering.
  7. Looks like you might be able to do something with hexagrid, then fiddle with it for awhile (use various types of distortion). The Hexagonal Grid is a plugin, so search for it in the plugins forum.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean, but you may be looking for the Bevel or Bevel Selection plugins.
  9. I believe that several people have asked for photoshop plugin support to be included in PdN natively, but Rick has declined, at least for the moment. I don't know if it would be possible to make a plugin to do it.
  10. Yeah, like zooming - no history record at all, since you can always toggle the thing back on again. But maybe there's some reason not to do it that we don't know about?
  11. You are truly talented. I can never make a pencil do anything I want it to. I think my favorites are the chefs and the butterfly, but there's just so much to love!
  12. Thanks! Yeah, the planets were kinda quickie stuff. I'm gonna have to come up with a better texture for them. @Kemaru: Yeah, you're probably right about the interior. I might put some work into that sometime.
  13. What holding down the "shift" key when using the magic wand does is, it selects all areas in the picture that are the same color as the clicked-on area, not just adjacent areas of the same color. If the area inside your "0" is a different color than what you're clicking on, it won't work. Alternatively, you could just use the "color to Alpha" plugin.
  14. If you're trying to resize a square (300 X 300) image down to 75 by 22, you're going to end up with a large amount of squashing. Possibly you're mistaking the squashing for quality loss? You might want to consider some cropping as well as resizing.
  15. Wait, is this the SDOTY for 2008 or 2009? If 2009, we'd better move as fast as we can so we can name an official winner before the year is over...
  16. Thanks! UPDATE: Added 3 new pics - 2 photo manips and an abstract/realistic.
  17. I've been wondering if it might be possible to add a "tapering" option to the line/curve tool, so it gradually narrows out as it nears the end. Possibly there could also be a slider/box to choose how far away from the end (in pixels) you want the line to start narrowing out. Can this be done/would it be easy to do?
  18. Actually, it would work, because there is air moving past the wings. If, that is, you're using a propeller-driven plane. The propeller creates a wind, running air over the wings. Oh, and it moves the plane forward, too, but we won't go into that right now. It works with a jet too. The thing is, a jet's engine is pushing against the air, not the ground, and since the air isn't moving, the plane moves forward. In order to stop the plane from moving forward, you would need to blow a 150-or-so mile per hour wind at the plane. If you did that, it would just rise straight up, because of the lift created by the wings. @david.atwell: Well yeah, it would work if the rotors were locked, although if the copter was clamped to the turntable, it would have to pull the turntable up with it... and, as soon as it stopped rotating fast enough, the whole setup would fall down again. Yeesh. Just tie my brain in knots, why doncha?
  19. I find it singularly strange that there are STILL debates raging about whether the airplane would take off. You'd think that all the people who came up with the right answer (i.e. pyrochild) would have gotten through to the rest after all this time... Helicopter on a turntable, now... that is interesting. I assume you mean that the turntable is turning in the opposite direction of the helicopter's rotors at the same RPM? So, if the rotors are going counterclockwise at 4000 RPM, the turntable is spinning clockwise at 4000 RPM? In that scenario, I don't think the helicopter would take off. A helicopter's lift comes from its rotor pushing the air downwards, causing the rotors, and hence the helicopter, to move upwards. However, if the turntable is spinning opposite the rotors, the rotors' angular velocity with respect to the ground (and the air) would be null. Hence, since the rotors are not moving in the air, the air doesn't move, so the helicopter doesn't go up, and all you end up with is one dizzy helicopter pilot. This, of course, ignores the effects of the rotation on the helicopter (i.e., the thing should fly apart if it's spinning that fast), and the effect of the helicopter's rotation on the surrounding air (i.e., it would create a lot of wind in other directions). The effect would be the same if a propeller-driven aircraft were to be rotated around its longitudinal axis at the same RPM the propeller was rotating, and in the opposite direction.
  20. You could also probably modify this tut to match what you want... in step 5, just fill it with color instead of doing what he says.
  21. I think he wanted a cork texture, not a collage. I don't think there are any tutorials on the subject (searchpaint.net returned 0 results for "cork texture" and only this thread for "cork").
  22. Might want to start using clickable thumbnails before the mods jump on your back. Other than that, though, keep up the good work!
  23. Your One Ring is pretty amazing. Did you use multiple Shape3D renders for that, or just one?
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