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  1. *ding ding ding!!!* Definitely! Love my signature results!
  2. Try testing it on a small piece of paper! You can draw a picture of a cartoon face but you're simulating yourself trying to draw the PERFECT circle. Reply back if you think it might work!
  3. Oops!! :oops: Sorry, I thought almost all of us had better computers. Sorry. I'll resize it, soon, until my work is done! Ok?
  4. THANK YOU USED HONDA CARS!! By the way, thank you Charlie B. Barkin for being a good boy with this thready forumy post!! Yo know who he is? Guess who he is on!
  5. Ewww....you're making me sick! But interesting tutorial!
  6. Good. Now let's render it on our photos of our outdated rooms!
  7. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Edit: Resized all images for people who have slower computers! Okay, how many times has this ever happened to you, and ALWAYS you? You were drawing something (in this case, I drew this part of this street intersection) with any dark pencil, but you made a mistake. A BIG mistake! You tried erasing the mistake with a latex-free eraser, but this is what you (in this case, this picture below) got! Excess pencil marks!! How in the world are you going to get rid of them? Well, with Paint.NET, you CAN get rid of the
  8. I was thinking , how can same size create another in another? i agree, idk either. :?
  9. What about the dice? How do you make them? Anyway, I hope you have a poker-filled night at the casino! :wink:
  10. Hey will you plz do me a favor? I want you to quit putting those weird symbols like you did to this: "I’ve". It confuses the users. Btw, I Love This Tut! It's very awesome!
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