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  1. This is my first ever PDN made image.. 8) I tried my best to make it realistic, and i know it's not the best but i will try to make better next time.
  2. Well, it's like the Windows program Paint, except written to use the .NET framework. It makes sense. Oh..it make sense...thanks CommanderSozo.
  3. Anyone would like to tell me how Paint.net got that name.... 8)
  4. This is the thread for new members to introduce.... :shock:
  5. Very nice tutorial, i first thought this could be hard but it was not that hard. Here my try 8) My edges are not perfect and there are some dark dots..Any one know how to fix it?
  6. Hello, I am not an expert in Graphics but like to learn it. Paint.net software is amazing and very easy to use. I hope to learn many things from this forum.
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