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  1. Say I take a picture of my glasses, due to the reflection and whatnot the magic wand won't select the lenses with one click right? But I can just make a border around them and then just use the magic wand to select what I bordered. Though the border would be in a color, is it possible for me to remove the border in the history without undoing everything done after the border?
  2. Sorry about the topic title. Didn't really know the name of the tool that I needed.Tried that sharpen tool but it didn't really change much. I'll try the unsharpen mask now.
  3. Well I recently took out some pictures with my digital camera and thr auto-focus kinda made the people nearest to the camera focused and those farther away blurry. Is there any plugin or any standard feature in pdn that I can use to unblur the pictures as much as possible?
  4. Are there any cool effects that I can do to my photos? For example, like the pleasantville effect? I know there must be many, but those many overwhelm me a bit and I don't know where to start with them.
  5. If the magic wand doesn't select the region I want,for example around people, is there anyway to cut around the people or am I only able to do the regions the wand selects?
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