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  1. @Barbieq25: I'm sorry, but could you help point out the "jaggies?" XD I am having a hard time seeing them... @Heat Stroke & Chrisco97: Thanks for the comments! =)
  2. Actually, the only things I did different was I used Curves 2-3 times instead of once, (During the black and white part) and my smudger disappeared.
  3. Haha took me a while, but i finally got it. Jónsi - GO! v2
  4. This is an extremely awesome tutorial. It reminds me of the "wave" one though, which is a good thing! Good work, and I'll make an outcome soon. Edit: Here they are: Purple Tree Frog Theme:
  5. Both of those seem to be all of my friends favorites too.. Thanks for your reply! New sig!
  6. Ok, some of you have been wondering "hey! Where the flip has Minoeman gone? Does he HATE us now?" Others more like "Finally! That punk left!" Well, here I am! And hopefully, I grew more mature... Oh, and do you like IMAGE RUSHES?!? Because boy do I have one for you! Sooo... Look if you dare! Oh, and if you find a hidden image, don't say who or what it is! Just simple state you think you know what it is. Hidden Content: Orb_Mk2 A hidden Image! Tell me if you can find it Another hidden one! As you may have noticed, I went through a "hidden image" faze... Beamed Up Orb! Do I LIKE orbs? Nova Tidal Wave (Photo edit)
  7. Ok, who's been wanting an image rush? Here's one! Singature from the best computor game ever. Zeus! Another Abstract. (No really, that's it's name ^^) Edited tree Minoeman style. Ghost. (Look closely, you'll see it!!!) Computor's mind. (What DOES go on in it?)
  8. Eight, here it is. (Finally )Enjoy! ^^
  9. Im sorry, but the only difference I see in those siggies is Axle's has a ring. XD Now back to the task at hand: Csm723 Now THATS a sig I haven't ever seen, very cartoony. Problem is the color choice of the border of the letters... Looks like wood 0.0 unless thats what you where aiming for.... 9/10 ^^ For originality and cartoony.