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  1. Well, that would explain it. you need it to run PDN:
  2. The syringe is excellent, just one question: the body of the syringe almost looks like it's angle toward the viewer, but the plunger top and the little thing below it (on the stem of the plunger) are angled the other direction. Change that, possibly? If you saved the .pdn file before flattening it should be a piece of cake.
  3. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'code'. Are you referring to the filetype? As in, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.? Or is it something else?
  4. Do you have the Microsoft .NET framework installed?
  5. It's a concept skin Helio made for a competition (which he won, by the way). It's not real, though. More's the pity.
  6. Am I allowed to submit votes for only some of the awards? I haven't been around here that long, so I don't really know whom to put in some of the spots.
  7. Do you mean just messing with the settings, or designing entirely different toolbars? Wow, PdN skins. Sounds great... if it would work.
  8. Use a differently shaped gradient. The different types of gradient appear along the top when you have the gradient tool selected. Check out this tutorial for how to make a gloss. You might have to adapt it a little to match your image, though.
  9. You can resize any image you have open in Paint.NET by going to Image->Resize. Enter your values into the boxes. If you don't want your image to be warped, check the "maintain aspect ratio" box. However, if you're making the image larger, you may end up with some loss of quality, due to the nature of bitmap images.
  10. You can add to your current selection by holding down ctrl while using a selection tool. If you're trying to cut out objects, you might also try searching the forum for "alpha masking" and see what comes up.
  11. transparent mode paste function? I would think that might be equated to the Overlay blending mode. What you'll probably want to do is write your text, then paste your cross-hatch pattern over it in a new layer and change the layer's blending mode to Overlay.
  12. Why not use the Wet Floor Reflections plugin for the reflections?
  13. tHs: I would suggest getting rid of the current side-thingies altogether, and substituting a chrome-ized 'suspension frame' type thing, like the Golden Gate Bridge only in chrome. Actually, that's not a very good way of putting it, but I can't come up with any better ways. You get what I mean?
  14. Try Cutting out images the easy way! Version 2. Might be what you're looking for. Oh, and next time, search before posting a thread.
  15. Ordinarily I would laugh myself silly at a first-post-tut involving polar inversion, but this actually looks fairly decent. Good job.
  16. Ok, here's the end product (click for larger image): I have a 1280X800 version, but Photobucket won't allow anything that large, for whatever reason. Not quite sure what to call it yet, any ideas?
  17. Essentially, I just used Ash's Gemstones V2 tut and put it onto the star shape, did some layers/blending modes, and added highlights. Wow, that makes it sound ridiculously easy. :oops:
  18. Wow! Nice snowman, Janettsue! I love the buttons. This is sort of like practice for a larger, more complex piece I'm planning: Tell me if/how you think it could be improved.
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