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  1. If someone could help me find a plugin like that for Paint.NET or a tutorial, it would be greatly appreciated. I already tried the search bar, didn't turn up anything of use. If not, I can just stay the course and try making a stock with various circles and the blur tool.
  2. I'm looking for a colored pencil effect or a plugin similiar to that of a program called "photobooth" I uploaded an example of what it looks like. Since I don't have a mac, I was wondering if there was a plugin that can do roughly the same thing.
  3. I'm looking for a shadow plugin that can be used to shadow beneath something, say a tree for example. I've searched the forums, but The best I have come up with is the "Drop Shadow" plugin and that doesn't work the way I want it to. Is there a plugin like this?
  4. That kind of helps, but I'm looking for some almost exactly like the original paint's spray paint.
  5. The original apint on windows has a spray paint tool. Is there a plugin for this in paint.NET?
  6. Is there any plugin that let's you put together pictures to make a 360 picture, which could be put in flash file, or separated into 6 images?
  7. Is there there a photo restore or enhance tool on paint.NET? I keep finding what would be great pictures, but my camera doesn't get all of the colors like I would want. Take for example, distant clouds and sky; it comes out mainly white. Any help?
  8. Is there a plugin for green screening, or eliminating just one color from an image? That would make it much easier to make edited images instead of going pixel by pixel.
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