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  1. In regards to picking a selection of a set size: In PDN, there should be a drop-down menu at the bottom right of the top toolbar, just above the default position of the floating "tools" window. Click on that. At the top it should have an option "Choose defaults". Click on that. Where it says "selection tools", you want to change "normal" to "fixed size". Then you can set the size. As far as the other thing goes, you're saying that when you resize your image is getting distorted. To solve that, simply hold Shift while resizing. This constrains the image ratio to the current ratio.
  2. If you call that a "noob" sig, I can't imagine what your idea of an expert sig would be... Great work! I love how it's simple yet elegant. The background matches the color scheme nicely - great job on the text, as well. Did that come from jake2k's "New and Improved 3D Text Tut", by any chance?
  3. Did you install the Microsoft .NET framework prior to installing Paint.NET?
  4. That would probably limit the spam to the intro section, since I can't see that many spammers would bother to read the rules that they're just going to break anyway...
  5. So make it so they can't PM either. Sure, it would suck for the people who join and don't read the rules, but if we plaster up in big red signs everywhere "YOU MUST READ THE RULES IN ORDER TO POST", they can't really complain much, can they? And the Rules would contain a detailed description of how to join the group that lets you post. That would take care of the spambots, but unfortunately I can't see that it would do much about the Chinese dudes who get hired by some American company for $3 an hour to go and spam random forums. Of course, maybe we could add a little button during registration that says, "If you are joining this forum for the purpose of advertising, please click here." Then they would click and be banned. Actually, that just gave me an idea. What if we add a separate forum for advertising, then just forget about it? The spammers would post their threads and be happy, the members would just never go in there, and the mods would no longer be overworked.
  6. I don't know if this is possible with the Forumer software, but would it be possible to allow members with under a certain post count (say 50 or so) be allowed to post new threads only in a specific forum? The idea is, we could have a "New Members Area" forum or something like that, wherein new members who are just stopping by for a little support/feature request could post their threads, thereby limiting most of the spam to one forum. To keep down the spambots, maybe you could also require new members to enter the text in a box (like during registration) before posting a new thread. Also (again, I don't know if this if possible with the Forumer software), would it be possible to make new members unable to post entirely until after they had read the Rules thread? I know of another forum that has done something like that; however, I believe that's a vBulletin forum rather than a Forumer forum. EDIT: Correction, this other forum had it set up so that members had to post in a certain thread before they could post anywhere else on the rest of the forum. Actually, that might work as well. If you put it in the rules that members need to post in a given thread (call it the Introduction Thread or whatever), that would pretty much take care of the people who don't read the rules.
  7. Great tut, nice and easy to follow for the newbies but informative as well. One thing I would suggest, however - In step 2, instead of just using , you might want to add an option for the use of Alpha Masking as well. That would get rid of the rough edges.
  8. Make sure you're not trying to use the Zoom function to enlarge your image. Also, try adjusting the DPI.
  9. I saw a great brick wall in somebody's gallery a while ago... I just can't remember where I saw it.
  10. Alternatively, you could download Inkscape and use it to make curved text, then import the text to PDN.
  11. Paint.NET does not come with any fonts. Paint.NET simply uses the fonts found in your C:/Windows/Fonts directory. You can find fonts at dafont.com. I would also recommend you read the Rules, especially #6.
  12. Mike Ryan: The text looks awesome - I give it a 9/10. Simple but subtle. It reminds me of ice, with the lighter core visible inside. The gloss seems almost to "float" above the text a little bit in a few places, though - was that intentional? It's a little distracting, IMHO. I also think the background needs a little more spice - seems to me that some sort of "surface" for the text to rest on would add to the general effect of the picture.
  13. What format are the paint kits in? Paint.NET only supports image filetypes, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.
  14. (I would recommend changing your title to something a little more descriptive, as stated in the Forum Rules. While you're at it, I would recommend you read the rest of the Rules as well. ) Paint.NET can do this, but if conversion is all you need, you're right that it's overkill to a certain extent. You can use a website such as this one to convert images. To use it, simply select the type of image you wish it to give you in the drop-down menu, hit "Select format", and then use the Browse button below it to find the image you want to convert. Then hit the button to convert.
  15. Those are pretty good for 5 days of PDN! I couldn't do anything like that after 5 days. Nice smudging. What would we do without pryochild and his Smudge plugin?
  16. Try this. Pay no attention to the Google Maps stuff, the author was only making a point.
  17. You can use the Fill tool (it looks like this: :PaintBucketTool:). Simply set your primary color to the color you wish to fill with, and click on the area you wish to fill. All area of the same color adjacent to where you clicked will be filled in. If you don't like the result, try undoing it and changing the tolerance.
  18. I think that's on the to-do list for version 3.5 or 4.0.
  19. Don't bite him. This is the Pictorium, he's free to show off his images, whatever they may be. However, I would recommend that he put his image in the first post, instead of just giving us a link to his locked tut.
  20. I don't believe there is a plugin or tool for Paint.NET that will render those columns all at once. However, you can probably duplicate them, with some work.
  21. At the menu up at the top, go to what is Help in English (it's the menu option farthest on the right). Click it, then go down to the item third up from the bottom (that's the Language item in English). Hover your mouse over it, and a sub-menu should pop out which has "English" as one of the options on it. Click that. A dialog should pop up asking you if you want to restart Paint.NET. Tell it you do, and it will restart Paint.NET with English everything.
  22. I'm a little confused here - what exactly is the "waterfall effect" to which you are referring? Is it the long cylinders shown in the image that extend down to the bottom?
  23. Hi! Welcome to the forums. Hope you'll like it here. As a side note, I would suggest that next time you try a search either by clicking on the Search button up at the top right or by using http://searchpaint.net/. You might find the answer to what you're looking for without having to post a new thread. Anyway, you might want to take a look at these: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=29156 viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21385 (this one you can do just as easily with a solid color as with a color wheel) viewtopic.php?f=15&t=25081 (this tutorial does more than just coloring the eyes, but you can use it for only eye-coloring if you like.) Also, before following a tutorial you need to make sure you have any and all plugins used in the tutorial installed. Most tutorials have links to any plugins used in the tutorial. Check out this thread to find out how to install them.
  24. Are you trying to run the program through the installer? That won't work. The installer is only useful for installing the program initially. In order to run it, you have to go to your Start Menu and find Paint.NET. It should be under "All Programs". EDIT: Oh, I see. Yeah, Rick's probably right. You want to download the actual program for Paint.NET from the Download link that the top of the Paint.NET homepage. (I would give you a link, but for some reason my browser won't give me the URL.)
  25. Motion blur + jitter + some random gray and white render + transparency adjustments comes to mind.
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