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  1. It depends on whether you just want to brighten the picture, or add actual sun rays. If you just want to brighten the picture, you could try Wither's tutorial on faking a Dodge tool. If you actually want to add sun rays, you could look at barkbark00's Enhanced Light/Sun Ray Tutorial and maybe add some modifications.
  2. If you save the image but don't close PdN, the history stays. If you save the image and close PdN, your history is gone.
  3. I love your skins. You should make a skin for Firefox.
  4. To move something from one image to another, just select it, copy it, switch to the other image, and paste into a new layer.
  5. Well, you have to name the thing, don't you? Or did you have a default name as well? However, I don't believe that PdN allows you to change save defaults (i.e., default image type, default save folder, etc.)
  6. I just have PdN set as my default image editor, and it automatically opens PNGs, JPEGs, etc in PdN when I right-click and hit Edit. In Vista, to set your default programs, go to Control Panel->Programs->Default Programs.
  7. For the "crop by one line" thing, try using the xy coordinates at the bottom right. Use the arrow keys to move one pixel at a time. for instance, if you wanted to crop the top of an 800X600 image by one line, you might move your cursor to -1, 599 and rectangle-select the rest of the image. Then all you have to do is crop it.
  8. Or, put your text into a different layer, select it, and use right-click on the Move Selected Pixels tool. Right-click rotates the selection.
  9. Try Hexagonal Grid, mess with the settings, and draw some lines of your own. Might get you what you want. To get a perfectly symmetrical effect, just make one half of it, then duplicate the layer and flip it horizontally.
  10. It won't? *opens PDN and tries* Well, I'll be darned. It won't. But you could just look at the opacity number and set it to the same on the new layer... unless you're using BoltBait's Transparency plugin. Ah well. Another great idea shot down once again by the inestimable David.Atwell. (some day, I will come up with something you can't gainsay... )
  11. Or you can select the whole layer by using rectangle select, then hitting ctrl + c and pasting it into a new image/layer.
  12. I don't think so. Maybe you could look online for some sort of image-compression software?
  13. You can add to an active selection by holding down ctrl while you select. So, if you have something selected, and you want to select something else but keep your original selection, just hold down ctrl and select. You can also deselect specific areas of an image (a.k.a. subtract) by holding down alt and drawing your selection. (took me forever to figure that one out... )
  14. I think what you have here is a great background, but you need something to focus on. IMHO, you should take the text, enlarge it, maybe use a more eye-catching font, and add some cool effects. Something on the order of the "pyrosig" might be nice: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21646
  15. Looks like you could make it by writing the text, using Outline Object with green, using Bulge on the GHWAY part with the center down a ways, then drawing the lines/circles/etc.
  16. First off - this is an awesome plugin. The best way to 3-D-ize something that I have found so far. I do have a question, however. Not being a programmer, I have no idea if this would be easy or even feasible, but - would it be possible to add some sort of anti-aliasing option in? When I do slanted lines and try to bevel them, I end up with something horribly :AntiAliasingOff:. So, would it be possible to add something like "bevel object" to the Objects menu, that uses the same method as Outline Object to distinguish what the object is, and then bevels it in a :AntiAliasingOn: way?
  17. Made the same way as the intro piece to my gallery:
  18. 9/10. I love the glossy effect. Too long to explain here, but if you PM me I can give you the method.
  19. Nice sigs! I especially like the "silent drifter" one.
  20. I think Ash meant you had to do it manually... i.e., make a new image that has the same ratio as 8/5X11, copy your images and paste each one into a new layer. Then do whatever you want to the images, and print.
  21. Although, unless there's a specific reason not to, I would recommend saving your images in PNG format. Not only does it save the pixels' alpha values, it also looks better in general.
  22. Welcome... Welcome to my gallery! I've been using PDN for about 2 months now.. still a noob, so don't expect anything on par with people like Ash and -Expiration- and whoever else. The Gallery Photo Manipulations Messing with photos... Got this from a tut, I thought it looked interesting. From the "Exploding Planets" tut. The Day the World Went Boom... I used the tut by barkbark00, then tweaked it quite a bit. Messing around with a pic of mountains. I thought it looked pretty cool. Abstracts The random wanderings of my brain... Amazing where messing around can get you, isn't it? Signature/Avatar Combos Sig and avatar combos. My first sig/avvy combo. Made with the same method as the abstract above. A modification of the above sig. Creations They just don't fit in any other category. Window Into Oblivion. Still missing something, but I can't quite figure out what. Candy Star, or some such. Originally, it was going to be a gemstone, but it didn't turn out that way. Probably my most accomplished piece of art to date. Took me 3 tries to get it right. Kemaru suggested Competitio for the name. I like it. Realistic Images My attempts at re-creating real-life-type objects. A quick job I did one day, when I was bored. I can't decide whether I like this one or the above one better. I decided to try my hand at a light-saber. The hilt was the hardest part. That's all I've got so far. More updates to follow!
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