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  1. Psh, he asked me where I was moving to when I was in an xbl party with him. lolol So nab, I can call you one of two nicknames, you choose: Mario or Maximus Decimus Meridius Which?
  2. Happiness: I've got the money to either buy IPB3 or vB4. Can't decide I also have decided on what I want for christmas. :)
  3. Eh, one thing I don't appreciate is that they are renaming DD and including it in it. So for this they have to make you walk around Jurassic Park to get to the ride. I also have never seen a HP movie/read a book. RR&R is SWEET. Rocking out to Daft Punk while being 200 ft in the air is really great. Though, since its new.. 3 hour wait. >_> Rant: Lack of rants, I guess? haha
  4. Seriously? I was totally there that summer, I would have looked you up... Yeah, so was I. >_> Well, David if you plan on working another summer maybe at... RIP RIDE AND ROCKIT? Rant: I'm starving, but I don't have anything to eat.
  5. Universal Orlando = Best attraction here. We've had annual passes for the past 10 years. Rant: Lack of inspiration.
  6. Plus I am use to the xbox controller. I can use my wired controller for the PC games.
  7. My brother has an iPod Touch, 3G. But he is 12 years old, doesn't use facebook/myspace/twitter/last.fm. He plays games. He also only has about 200 songs. He spends A LOT more time on the apps than listening to music, and I'll probably do the opposite. I much rather have a sleeker design, HD video, etc than having more apps. Pratically everyone I know has a touch and stuff like hand grenade just don't really entertain me. iHandgun? Really, lol? For being the same price, and new apps coming out already every day, I want a Zune HD. I'll try to get an ipod nano on lockerz, sell it new to someone for cheaper than they could get it at the apple store, then use that money to get a Zune.
  8. I love cod4. I saw that you could skin it in pc i was like :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: I wouldn't mind not having to pay to play online. >_>
  9. real competition? Its better looking, around the same price, and just released this september. the touch doesn't even have hd video.. lol.. anyway, I have been looking into buying a gaming pc. Idk..
  10. You must be an app freak. See, the only ones I would use are facebook and twitter. I have no need for the others. If I want a quality touch screen mp3 player, I'll be getting the Zune HD.
  11. Like Bloop said: Not exact, but hey.. lol Red Nano > iPod touch.
  12. They played this at Rock the Universe this year. Amazing performance. btw, hawt:
  13. I own both and I prefer my mac. Though, PCs have benefits like gaming, a lot of more free programs, etc.
  14. Watch some of those Mac commercials. Get yo' ideas from then.
  15. Pics of the girl NAO!!1!!one!1! Nah, but just ignore them. Like BB said, you may get really popular because of it haha.
  16. http://www.last.fm/user/reactreact I'm bored. It's too muggy to go outside haha. I think I'll play me some GH3 or L4D.
  17. Dang. My friend has 10,000 plays in a month and a half. LOL
  18. A lot of people I know use it. Whats your profile name?
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