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  1. Only Vista is aloud to make the jokes. Happiness: Chick-fil-a & Hulu. What a great, great day.
  2. I'll just translate that sentence into a request for a new joke which is below: What is a chef's favourite operating system? Win-doughs! Enjoy! LOL! Yay, vista is back. And so is my mom with my chick-fil-a!
  3. They are the same music with a christian message.. lol I guess they are more popular in the US.
  4. Well the lack of unfunny jokes has kept me unaware!
  5. Happiness: Helio AND vista making appearances within 24 hours? SWEET!
  6. I've heard of them, but haven't heard any of their music.
  7. Well they're american christian rock bands.. so I doubt you would've. Watch it! The last stunt is........ :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  8. Sublime GFX, Tech GFX, and TagFlow can all be removed due to broken links/dead forums. I'll keep you updated though on this.
  9. Hahah! DarkShock gettin' owned by Rick. I can't wait for him. My church usually has big named bands for their concerts every month like Skillet, Grits, Decyfer Down, Family Force 5, etc. Never a tv star. haha
  10. Hey, Man vs. Wild and Survivor Man are awesome. Along with the occasional Mythbusters.
  11. OMG! For all you Discovery Channel-Goers, Bear Grylls is going to be live at my church tomorrow night. Can't wait to go, should be awesome!
  12. Words of an upcoming alcoholic, right there..
  13. I asked him if he is still into art, and he said not really.
  14. Nab: I use to talk to him all day every day. He was mod on TF, if I remember correctly. Though I understand its been nearly a year since then, its still sad that he didn't even remember the site.
  15. Especially when the whole birthday thing was just a joke.. seeing if anyone caught it.. and by anyone I meant blooper or crimson.
  16. Bring your own bombs? ... stupid System of a Down song reference.
  17. Oh! So you're inviting us over to your place!
  18. Lets all meet in the geographical middle of the US.. KANSAS!
  19. LOL, I didn't actually know someone would see it. Thanks for the thought chad, this makes up for you laughing at a pic of me with a mustache. <3
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