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  1. So I took a quiz on facebook that found out "what kind of guy" I am. My result was ladies man. Well, one guy I know commented on the quiz saying he agreed, but no homo. >_>
  2. I just lost the game... Great. What a nice way to end my day. Hm? What do you mean? You can't lose, per se. LOL. I guess its a american teen inside-joke. LOL.
  3. Everyone should get on aim. Add me: DoThaaDANCE
  4. I'm trying to get a jazzy sorta of electric sound out. I HATE trance. I seem to keep getting something trancey.
  5. I still use firefox, never stopped. So I got FL Studio 9. Very interesting program, though I'm still learning. I like how easy it is to make beats, though I wish it was easy to make some bass lines. I may be doing it wrong though.
  6. Prob just an error. Seeing as how that's the deviant art logo.
  7. My brother's gotten to like 67. He plays WaW way too much haha.
  8. Haha I like Conan a lot more than Jimmy. I also LOVE Stephen Colbert.
  9. What they did was put unnecessary censors for when it would sound like the speaker would curse/cuss/swear.. etc. But its fake so its not funny to me haha.
  10. Made me chuckle, but nothing more. I think I'm desensitized to humor... Same. I'm more interested in real stuff, not easily done sound effects.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePZZ5_ZpIbE Great performance
  12. I'll consider. In other news, this made my day. The 2009 Darwin Awards:
  13. Well go. I don't want you here in Florida. :x Psh, I'm not going to do what you asked me to do in that PM anymore.
  14. UGH FGS! i went down to orlando for a holiday this year and rip ride and rocket started running like the day after i left T.T i got to see them putting the rings on the verticle part of the coaster was pretty cool and also saw test runs one night with the flashy lights carridge! :o but yeh it started running the day after i left orlando was such a bummer It was SUPPOSE to open early spring, but they delayed, delayed, delayed. Its an awesome ride, just the wait is usually 2 - 4 hours.
  15. So? I have a chance to go to Webster Hall on the 29th, Idk if I can get a plane ticket though up to nyc.
  16. Sick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y619s0SWwQQ
  17. Darkshock, don't flip. There's alternatives lol.. http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=515109 May look confusing, but its very easy.
  18. Use Lens + Alpha Mask, not shape3d.
  19. This is the same PC I've had for 5 years. I have xp on my mac, but I dont like having to restart my comp to go to the dark side. >_>
  20. I'll enter. I got my PC up and running
  21. I use Vegas Pro for like 2 years, so I understand it well. I wish I could learn After Effects though, and Cinema 4D.
  22. LIES! Mark, did you just say you want to get ... a canadian/american citizenship..? Don't. After being in an msn convo with blooper and his friends.. don't.. just.. don't. On a lighter note, Blue Harvest came in the the mail from Netflix. :)
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