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  1. I don't know if this is the right place, but I hope it is. I might as well admit it, I've been a bit idle with Paint.NET lately, but I recently dug it up from the bottom of the seemingly bottomless pit that is my Hard Drive and got back into playing around with it. Now, I've decided to try making a bigger project in Paint.NET, and have as such begun making outlines and sketches. What I want to make is a realistic-looking picture of a Mobile Suit (if anyone has seen Mobile Suit Gundam or any of the 30 or so spin-offs, they should now what I'm talking about), and I would like it if someone could tell me how to make a realistic (or close to realistic) metal-texture, or at least come with suggestions as to how I can make one. And before anyone asks: Yes, I'm a Gundam-fan. I thank in advance for any help you guys here at the Paint.NET Forums can possibly provide, and hope to hear from someone.
  2. For those who don't have color tint, follow this link Then, follow the link on the top to get the newest version of the Plug-in pack where I found Color Tint.
  3. I didn't have to change the blend mode at any point. Did you do exactly as written, there shouldn't be any problem. Otherwise, I don't know how your problem could exist. If you just have the 'tsunami' you shouldn't have to change anything at all. Just use the Fire! plugin, that's all.
  4. Sure thing. As far as I know, nebolous, color tint and color filter are default in 3.36. TwistZ with zoom can be found here. Fire! can be found here. If some the other three effects aren't default pdn3.36 effects, let me know.
  5. This picture shows what will be made: First, make a new sheet (I used the default 800/600). Start out by making a nebulous (Effects -> textures -> Nebulous). Use the Color Tint effect (Effects -> Color -> Color Tint) at any hue and saturation (just make sure that your nebulous only has one color in different nuances) (I used hue 133 and saturation 255). Use the Color Filter effect (Effects -> Color -> Color Filter) at hue 312, saturation 255 and 'preserve highlights' at 100. Use the Frosted Glass effect (Effects -> Distort -> Frosted Glass) at any value you see fit. (I used 25 and 5 for max. and min. values) Then, use the TwistZ with Zoom effect (Effects -> Distort -> TwistZ with Zoom) at amount 30 and zoom 30. The other values at default. Now, if done right, you should have something that looks like a wave of water or tsunami (at least that's what I had at this moment). Finish of your fireball by using the Fire! effect (Effects -> Render -> Fire!). There you go, you've now made a Fireball (or something that looks like a fireball at least). Please let me know what you think of this tutorial. It's the first one I've ever written so I'd like some feedback. If the pictures are not shown, please let me know and tell me how I can make them visible, using the pictures on my deviantart account.
  6. I'm still using XP SP2 on both my laptops and have decided to change to XP Black (XP with a lot VISTA functions and compatibility with VISTA-only programs) on my big some-what old machinery that somebody calls a computer. I have no idea if that is a modified SP2, but I think it qualifies as "other".
  7. Can anyone tell me how I can use this sweet effect along with the Exploding Planet guide (if that's even possible)???
  8. Nice tut. One question though: How can I make it look like something is burning? Do I just make the fire Semi-Transparent and place it one another picture?
  9. Can anyone tell me how I can make my pictures look like if they where behind a window or glass frame?
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