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  1. but right now Rick doesn't liek that you liek XP.
  2. We had an idea going into it. Maybe not a meaningful one, but an idea. and thanks kemaru. He did all the rendering, since him and his tablet make it a lot easier to cut stuff out. I think he did a perfect job in it all, but that might just be me. He has a very unique imagination that I dream of having. I used my techniques from tag making in it, and it looks like it worked out.
  3. Why, thankya. Darkshock's response: "Wow. awkward.." LOL
  4. Nah, its okay. I have netflix.. In other news, my collab with crimson: http://eslis.deviantart.com/art/Delawar ... -141189657
  5. I'll show you interesting. Wait, no..
  6. Though I totally agree with the campaign. Microsoft always says they'll fix what they messed up. Remember all the hype for vista? Remember how amazing it looked, how great it looked like it performed? Yeah, didn't turn out so well. I hope the best for W7, because I'm much more happy with my Mac OSX, than with my vista computer..
  7. Too repetitive. Sounds like all the other music that falls into the "house" genre. 3/10 Sick. Song.
  8. ..but it is just a children's soccer league. I mean everyone gets a trophy when the season is over. >_> ..wait, I thought ninjas were fast at catching things.. --- Rant: Hunger. Guess what? Nothing to eat.
  9. Wow, great work. I can definitely see a later version of this incorporated into PdN 4.0..
  10. Sweet song. Very enjoyable. 8/10 ---- What? I never said the music was christian. Why would you judge it on that, I thought this is rate the song. ---- The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
  11. Bear Grylls in 3 hours. @GW: You always ignore my IMs.
  12. Nope. Waited from 5am to 6pm and nothing. Seeing as how I'm 10 minutes from the big ol' Orlando.. so it was really bright.
  13. Happiness: Meteor shower in 20 minutes! Happiness: This:
  14. Wow, amazing uH. Thats the kinda stuff I want to use on the channel.. stunning work. 10/10 Born Ruffians - I Need A Life ^Found them thanks to my friend's last.fm. Such a happy and positive band!
  15. http://www.baidu.com/ Off to the realm of crimson so he can decode this strange language!
  16. I thought of a sick name.. though it makes me sound like I'm one of those rappers who doesn't know how to spell anything.. Wesley Ellis or Wesley Ellis
  17. Today went from amazing, to terrible. People should get on msn and add me: wesforprez@hotmail.com I'm super bored.
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