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  1. Youjustjealous. So I've been photoshopping like crazy lately. Can't wait to get my tablet.
  2. I'm a ladies man? Sweet. Never really thought about it..
  3. Wow, your dad has a forum? That's awesome. hahah Rant: Too many girls talking to me at once. D:
  4. Seeing as how you live in the same town as him.. hahaha. I'll try to get him to come back. He was SICK at pdn.
  5. ahahahaha!!! i neeeded that laugh today thank you again darkshock the master of laughter ... Hah! i copyright that now! Master of Laughter that shall be your new nickname You're laughing at a picture of me? Real mature.. Happiness: Waking up early
  6. None of us. But we've all been around here a while, and talk all the time on other places. I know I'm good friends with Blooper, Darkshock, Crimson, Expiration, flow55, Mike Ryan, and ShK_828.
  7. Naw, fb engaged. Totally diff. DS is gonna crash our fb marriage.
  8. Wow, fail on my part. LOL Anyway, I'm fb engaged.
  9. Nope and nope It's not very powerful, but once you get the basic concept it's easy. nou Animal cruelty, sir. I'm calling the seminole/orange county animal shelter.
  10. OLD pic of me + hitler mustache. LOL
  11. Actually, no. haha its another member. Darkshock's avatar is me.
  12. Its very powerful, but hard to get used to. Blooper is really good at it. OT: New avatar.
  13. I don't get that program at all, but I want to. No sleep + 6 cups of coffee = wowifeelawesome It seems easy, but at the same time complex. LOL
  14. Gonna try my hand at FL studio. Maybe my mom can help me? She's be teacher drums/piano for the past 35 years.
  15. Did I ever say I believed it? No. The funny thing was that my friend thought I was. Though I really am.
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