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  1. Ok, the download link works now. Thanks for checking it.
  2. Hi lynxster4, yeah sorry I'm still putting this all together. It will be done soon. Thanks.
  3. Black and White Only This is an effect plugin that is found under the 'Adjustments' menu. It allows the user to choose a level of grey, and any pixel which is darker becomes absolute black, or otherwise pure white. So whereas the built-in "Black and White" option makes the image "Greyscale", instead this plugin renders the image only either black or white, no grey at all. It's a bit like making the image greyscale before posterizing to just a two colour palette of RGB(0,0,0) and RGB(255,255,255). In other words, each pixel's RGB values are mean averaged to grey before deci
  4. xBRZ PaintDotNet Plugin This is a file type plugin. It's used to increase the resolution of an image while writing it out as PNG. The result can look especially nice for pixel art graphics. The xBRZ upscaling routine is primarily designed to increase the resolution of pixel art. This file saving plugin lets you choose from 2 times to 5 times the resolution, to scale-up the output image. It uses a "scale by rules" approach, which means it tries to intelligently determine the edges of a character's face or their eyes, or diagonal lines, and increase the resolution while k
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