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  1. thanks for the reply, boltbait... my windows installation is not the problem and i followed the '2 solutions' suggested with no success; the error still occurs; guess i should have worded it: 'already tried the two solutions suggested'... when the error message opens (more than one at a time; see my first message about this) all it indicates is: 'Print Pictures Error / Your pictures can't be printed because this error occurred' it would be nice to know what error it is referring to... as noted in one of my messages, i did the right click > print 'solution' as suggested on an image outside of and still got the error... so, yes, that could indicate an error with the windows os... a corrupt file...? could be, but not being a computer expert i wouldn't have a clue where to start looking for that corrupt file that is causing the error to occur... and microsoft is no help because, unless you have a big pile of cash, they are not willing to work with you to find the problem... twice, when i had other windows issues, their so called tech support, which is outsourced to the philippines and india, decided my windows os should be reinstalled; both times they screwed up my system with other issues which took some time to fix... who knows, maybe that is the source of the error messages...? reinstalling windows causes more problems than it solves... if you have suggestions as to where i might possibly find that corrupt file in my windows installation that is causing this issue, feel free to provide that info... didn't mean to offend you or anyone else in this message thread with the message you replied to...
  2. yes to both... latest window os (and always up to date; i leave my computer on so updates can take place during the wee hours of the night; yes, my anti-virus programs guard the gates well) and just a few days ago updated; it's always updated when the program indicates an update is available... i usually have it update upon closing or sometimes before i start a project... (i have been using for years since i first discovered it many many moons ago and it has improved tremendously with age; especially when it comes to updating it; can't say the same for their website... i also use affinity designer by serif but not as much as i use 😀) appreciate the reply but to date no one has really provided a solution to this issue... kind of difficult to believe i'm the only one having this printing issue... if i am, then it's good to know i belong to a very rare and unique club... 😉
  3. hello hyrez... yes, tried that but no luck or file corruption, which is good on that part... it's just a very strange anomaly i live with... this error occurs in one other program so when i need to print something from my paintnet program i just insert the image into a word document (or pdf) and print it out... guess i'm not up to diving deeper into the issue to try to figure out what the issue is... even the experts at microsoft can't figure this one out... very strange...
  4. thanks for the reply, toe_head2001... apologies for the lateness of this 'return reply'... i did try your suggestions and the same errors popped up and clicking the print button, again the error message popped up, then the printer spit out a blank sheet of paper... of the millions of users using, i guess i am the only one having this problem because my guess is that the 'windows photo printing interface' on my computer is corrupted(?)... in all the times i print whatever i need to print at the time, this is the only program, because it relies on said printing interface, that i have problems printing from within or printing from within file explorer when right clicking on a photo to print... ☚ī¸ i looked at 'ego eram reputo's" suggestion on the plugin to use for printing but decided it was too many hoops to jump through to be able to print from within I love for its ease of use when wanting to create something 'on the fly'... so, when i need to print whatever i created in, i just open one of my other graphics programs and print the image from there... yeah, a little cumbersome but better than having four or five error messages pop up when all you want to do is print... :-) guess my other graphics programs rely on a better printer interface than the windows one... oh well... thanks to all for your input and suggestions; it is appreciated... 😎
  5. sorry for the really late reply... the printing issue is still a problem... not sure what's going on but i still get the error messages as noted in my first posting...
  6. I have been using Paint.Net for years and lately I have encountered an issue when attempting to print. It's odd but these error messages pop up (one after another; today five of them!) and after closing the error messages I can still print. I have looked in the settings but do not see where I can set the default printer or printer settings. Has anyone else encountered this printing issue...? (See the attached screenshot) Thank You...! Carl (Edmonds, WA)
  7. Thanks, BoltBait... You're probably correct... I spoke to soon before running the test that toe_head2001 suggested... <sigh> Guess I will have to spend the time figuring it out thanks to HP and Microsoft... :-) <another sigh> Appreciate all the feedback from everyone...!
  8. Thanks, toe_head2001... Here's a screenshot of what happened when I did the right click, print as you suggested... As you can see, an error message but not details as to what the errors are...
  9. Thanks for the reply, toe_head2001... The error messages appear as soon as I click on the print icon in the program - usually 3, one right after another, then the print dialog box opens, and when I click on 'Print" in the dialog box, the error messages appear again... Clicking the 'Print" button in the dialog box, four error messages appear one right after another and I have to close each error message box... Again, there are no details shown as to what the error is... And, no diagnostic log is created other than what I pasted in my first message... It's a mystery to me because I never had any problems printing from Paint.Net before... I'm pretty sure it's not on my end - i.e., my printer or system...
  10. No problem, Woodsy... You're probably correct that ' of the mods would have mentioned it.', but I would have responded the same way to their 'call out' as I did to yours... You were just doing your job... You can tell from my 'record' on here, my postings and replies could be categorized under a 'rare' category... I did take a look at 'rule #3', but 'rule #6' probably would have applied as well... Feel free to, if it is possible, to correct my message title to how it should be - I don't have a problem with that... Take care...
  11. @SodiumEnglish - Thanks for your reply... Yes, I can print from other programs, no problem... It's only Paint.Net that is the problem program at this time... The program works fine other than the printing part... @Woodsy - Sorry for 'breaking rule #3' on posting to the forum - I do know that using all uppercase within the body of a message - be it here or some other forum - is frowned upon, and to use your word: 'rude' (I get it - it is the same as shouting)... I've posted in many a forum and this is the first one with a rule about not using an all uppercase title for a message... In the future, on this forum, I will refrain from using all UPPERCASE in the title of a posting... You have yourself a good day...
  12. I have looked through the forum but see no solution to the printing error messages I am now receiving when attempting to print... I have the latest version of Paint.Net... This is the first time I have not been able to print from the program... Is this an error related to the OS...? (I use the latest Windows OS) Error message when attempting to print: "Your pictures can't be printed because this error occurred: " (3 error message boxes open, but NO details are given as to WHAT the error IS!) After closing the error message boxes, all that shows in the print dialog box is a 'Generating preview...' indicator with a progress bar running, but nothing further happens Clicking on 'Diagnostics' only gives the following and there is nothing in the 'crash log' folder: Application 4.0.21 (Final 4.21.6589.7045) Build Date Monday, January 15, 2018 Install type Classic Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU) True Animations True DPI 96.00 (1.00x scale) Language en-US OS Windows 10 Home x64 (10.0.16299.0) (0x65) .NET Runtime 4.0.30319.42000 Physical Memory 15,820 MB CPU AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics Speed ~1497 MHz Cores / Threads 4 / 4 Features DEP, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4_1, SSE4_2, XSAVE Video Card AMD Radeon HD 8330 Dedicated Video RAM 492 MB Dedicated System RAM 0 MB Shared System RAM 7,910 MB Vendor ID 0x1002 Device ID 0x9832 Subsystem ID 0x2B18103C Revision 0 LUID 0x00008848 Flags None Outputs 2 Video Card Microsoft Basic Render Driver Dedicated Video RAM 0 MB Dedicated System RAM 0 MB Shared System RAM 7,910 MB Vendor ID 0x1414 Device ID 0x008C Subsystem ID 0x00000000 Revision 0 LUID 0x00008EE0 Flags Software Outputs 0
  13. ...whoa... 'tis been awhile since i have logged into the forum...!

  14. Followed your link, but didn't find an answer to the "Fatal Error" message during installation - any other place I can look for an answer...? Thanks...
  15. is here to learn...