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  1. @MJW Creative Text Pro seems to be the tool I need to create the bevel effect. One strange thing happens though, the color is removed. The red becomes grey. Any idea why that might be?
  2. Yes, I used BoltBait's Text Fun Factory to make the text portion of my image. It looks great and it's a fun tool. I'm trying to add the same type of effects to the symbol as well. I'll check out Creative Text Pro, Thanks
  3. @Ego Eram Reputo I was able to use your instructions to make the modifications I was looking for and it turned out great. Now, I've started over on a bigger canvas. I recreated the text portion only this time I added gradient. I'm struggling to make the same gradient on the symbol. I'm also having trouble recreating the bevel and outline on the symbol following the same steps you gave me. I suspect this is because everything is larger now. I made the canvas 3840x2160 and maxed the text size to modify then reduced it. I then enlarged the symbol to line up. It's probably overkill, but I figure the finer the detail in a large image the better it will look when reduced. Plus, I'll have the large image for whenever it might be needed. Projection, ads, presentations, etc. Anyway, I'd really like to learn how to do this if it's possible. What do you think? May I send you my file pdn file privately?
  4. Thanks Ego. The symbol and text are already in separate layers, both transparent. It just made sense to do so from the start. I will give your other suggestions a try first chance I get.
  5. Hey all, Looking for some direction toward how I can recreate the formations I applied to the text in each of these images and apply them to the symbol in the image. As you can see, the text pops in both images nicely, but the symbol looks very flat in comparison. I tried to paint the symbol to match the text, but with the curves and corners it looked awful, and it took hours. Plus, I'm just not great at painting. Are there any plugins that can help me with this? I've got a few, but I haven't found the right tool yet, or I just don't know how to use them properly. If someone could point me toward a helpful tutorial, that'd be great too. I'm afraid I don't know how to describe what I need clearly enough for any search engine to give me sufficient results. Thanks!
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