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  1. Layer 1 name it: //background Layer 2 with the H: name it: //150ms (or any speed you want) Layer 3 with the E (no need to name it anything) Layer 4 with the L ( " " ) Layer 5 with the L ( " " ) Layer 6 with the O ( " " ) Then go to Save As and choose Save As AGIF GIF. "and if a layer was turned off in paint.net then it was ignores (like ;UseAsNote) " If don't want a layer you need to remove the layer as even if it's
  2. Hello @Minish and welcome When you want to add something with a transparent background, make a new layer above the background you are using and paste it there.
  3. If you want a selection of an image with straight lines around it, then try this. 1. With the Rectangle Select Tool - select the area you want. 2. Whilst keeping the selection active, make a new layer. 3. Go to Effects > Selection > Outline Selection in whatever color you want. Zoom is at the bottom of the canvas.
  4. Hello @ICopTo and welcome If you have the free version, you would find it via this: ThisPC > OS(C:) > Program Files > paint.net > Effects If you bought it at the windows store, you would have to login back there to find if it downloaded.
  5. Hope you have a wonderful day @pyrochild, with lots of goodies and fun. Happy Birthday!
  6. Many thanks @lynxster4 It's ages since I read that Read Me. I'll have to get stuck into the directions in order to fix the images here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/31629-animated-images/?do=findComment&comment=424804
  7. I believe @toe_head2001 has one: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/110692-captioning/?do=findComment&comment=525457 @GBH I believe you must increase the size of your image, then use the plugin. Welcome to the forum
  8. Hello @Ferg72 and Welcome to the forum Yes, you would have to use the selection tool, then cut and paste into a new layer. Here is a tutorial that might be of help: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=make+a+collage+in+Paint.net&docid=607996270752041718&mid=2C143F3961E974DFFCE62C143F3961E974DFFCE6&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  9. Great! I'm please that you sorted it out. I've never tried those movements myself and we have lost the ones that @midora posted on this thread. I will try to find out if anyone copied them and, hopefully, I can re-post them
  10. You must leave the Background as just: //Background and then set the following layers with speeds. I have to log off now (I had a long day) but I can assist more over the weekend
  11. Hi @DoubleD Layer 1 should be: //Background. If the layers after the background are all going to be at: //40ms, you need only to name the first one with that speed. If you add a different speed to something that you later add, again, only name the first layer at the new speed). If you want the Dog to be constant in the Gif, put the dog on the last layer and name it this: //foreground. I hope that helps. Here is a simple tutorial for you to see the layers line up:
  12. Hi @networks Do you have a crash report? Open PDN and go to upper right of the tool bar and click on the cog wheel Settings > Diagnostics and at the bottom see if the crash report is there. If so, please post it here
  13. Yes, allowed IF the texture was made in PDN.
  14. Hello @aseasease I'm afraid that paint.net does not have that capability. I think it's like this: https://marionettestudio.com/animate-easier-using-onion-skinning/
  15. Hello @TheKoolKid1O1 and Welcome to the forum You can find Tile Image in this pack: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/8043-curtis-plugin-pack-update-for-354/ And there are a few Plugins for centering images: Here are three alignment plugins to choose from: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/4193-align-object-plugin-updated-06172007/ https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/112095-align-object/ https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/8375-drop-shadow-and-other-effects-krisvdms-plugin-pack-updated-2010-10-26/ We also have a great Search on the f
  16. Many thanks @lynxster4 no rush, as long as it's done before the Poll is fine. Sorry about this, I should have thought of the size myself before I posted the image 😬
  17. Yes, we will need to resize the image to the allowable size @lynxster4 I just went to post mine and then realized that the image was bigger than 600 x 600 and I had to quickly change it. I will add this to the notes in the Competition page And, actually, I will resize the naughty lady too whilst I'm at it 😄
  18. Pixey

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    WOW, how very polite! I know - the abuse we get on here is amazing 😁 Looking forward to your take on this @nitenurse79 think of you often
  19. Pixey

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    I made this tutorial 6 years ago, so I had to revisit it. No,it is NOT the embossed layer - which is the top layer. You duplicate layer 2 and change the layer mode. I think I used Negation. These are the steps:
  20. Pixey

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    I also say this: Duplicate the last layer for more intensity and also you can "play with the layer modes"
  21. Pixey

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    I mean the last layer you made. Doing this 'intensifies' the colors.
  22. Object of the Fortnight #64 - Color the Sorceress. EDIT: I have resized the image so that it's within the correct dimensions for posting. You can color her any way you want Special thanks to @toe_head2001 and @Ego Eram Reputo for being the theme generators. The deadline for entries is 2.00 PM EST (:00 PM UK Time) on Saturday 17th October 2020. Please see the Countdown Timer for exact time remaining. This thread is for posting competition entries only. If you're not posting an entry, please don't post here.
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