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  1. Ooooooo I really like this one @Rickhum It's kind of spooky, in a nice way. I'd expected to see a dragon, but instead I love the wee duckies swimming around
  2. They are all so very beautiful @barbieq25 but I have to single out Night Rain + Raindrops in Winter + Titanium which really, really POP 😍
  3. Looking good and so realistic P. S. Why don't you open your own Galleria Thread @dipstick
  4. Hi @susan welsh and Welcome Perhaps you have lost the image choices, which can be changed like this:
  5. Hello @witness You may find this thread interesting: And there are a few other ways to remove backgrounds: And the good old fashioned way with:
  6. Hip Hip Hooray @doughty hope you are having a wonderful day for your Birthday
  7. Hello @dpant and welcome Please this if you have the Classic version of PDN: First try running PdnRepair.exe "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PdnRepair.exe"
  8. Hello @Rockchick and welcome to the forum Do each thing (rectangle, bricks, whatever) on their own layers. Then you can resize everything. If you are using the bucket fill for the brick fill, remember to change it back to a solid line afterwards. It would help a lot if you could post an example.
  9. Oh Boy - they look even more fantastic larger Links working in the new post, but you need to do them on Page 1 also Scary how soon one forgets how to do stuff after a while. Happens to me all the time 🤣
  10. Great piece @TrevorOutlaw I'll take a look at the video for sure
  11. Congratulations everyone Lovely entries from everyone. Thank you @lynxster4 for hosting 🌼
  12. They are gorgeous @barbieq25 😍 They are not 'linked" to larger images (unless my computer is playing up again) and it would be great to view them bigger
  13. The Poll is now open for the OotF #43 - A Hat! It will be open until Saturday 17th August 2019 (Black Cat Appreciation Day ) until: 2 PM EST and 7 PM UK Time Fabulous Entries one and all
  14. Golly @MJW another amazing Plugin from you. I have to say you are definitely the sharpest knife in the drawer 💥 I am still studying your steps and instructions and will need to practice a few more times, but I had fun and made this: I do have a silly question to ask. When you say " Ambient light at full brightness." does it mean you have this turned up to white?
  15. Thank you very much @welshblue @Seerose and @TrevorOutlaw for your nice comments 🥰
  16. Wonderful results @ReMake I used variant #3 in this one.
  17. @ReMake You are BRILLIANT thank you so much my friend. It's working great now
  18. I finally figured out how to open one of them 🤗 but I don't see the part where I can change it to LockAlpha="true" All I see is this:
  19. Hi @ReMake thanks for your response. I can't figure out how to "open" the .cs file. I've gone to: This PC - Documents - Paint.net User Files - Effect Presets - Gradient Mapping - but all that's in there are the .xml's themselves 😲
  20. Hello @Primpy and Welcome to the forum I'm guessing it could have been the Clouds Plugin which is part of Paint.net and found via Effects - Render - Clouds. You can do the different colors on separate layers and play with the slider in the Plugin.
  21. I've posted this 'glitch' in @pyrochild's Gradient Mapping thread. This is just FYI in case it's of interest: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/6265-gradient-mapping/page/6/
  22. Excellent box @welshblue 💖 I'll be baaaaack with a Rep later