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  1. Hi Toe-Head Many thanks for your reply. Find attached a screen-shot. Regards Tony
  2. Hi All I was never bothered about size before, I just hacked around. But now I have a need for making a project of a specific size. So I set my canvas at 12 X 12 cm at a res of 96dpi. OK so far. When I view the canvas, though, it only measures 11.5 cm against the ruler. Am I going doo-lally? or is something else going on here? This is confusing me a bit. (Not very difficult to do at the best of times.) Regards Tony
  3. Hi You may forget my last post. I got there in the end. Thanks

  4. Hello Moderators I'm having trouble navigating the forum. I posted a question earlier today but I cannot find how to see my posts and replies. So, if you reply to this within the forum I won't know how to see it. That's what I call Catch22. Therefore, could you please send instructions to me via my email address. I must be going titsy-loo-loo or something unless the forum format is obtuse. Actually, Come to think of it, I can't see anybody's posts. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient. Regards Tony
  5. Hello All I see that this question was raised ages ago in 2010, but the solution seemed a bit of a workaround using the zoom function. Is it now possible in V4.1.6 to move a selected area by a single pixel? if not, is there a plugin for it? regards
  6. I've tried on a beefier computer and it works just fine. So I'll just have to figure out what's wrong with the laptop. This is the plugin I've been needing for a while. Don't know why I didn't find it before. For me, the main advantage is the ability to easily print the exact size of the image. Give Martin a medal
  7. Has anyone had problems with Print It running slowly? Each operation in it seems to take ages; maybe 1 whole minute to do something such as selecting a tab or a setting. Now I'm a retired old giffer and have plenty of time but even I find this frustrating. I bet it's just me or my PC (an Acer Aspire One running Win7). Any ideas? Tony
  8. Hello Toe_Head2001 These contributors names get more and more bizarre. Still, I suppose yours has some significance to you and those who know you. Thank you for your most informative reply. I remain somewhat perplexed as I cannot see how you have accessed this information. Admittedly, I'm not very experienced with drawing programs. I've looked in Object Properties and Document properties but cannot see the level of data that you have shown to me. Perhaps you would be so kind as to give me some further help by describing how to access this settings/data level. You are probably right in suggesting that I only use one application for each project, but each does have advantages over the other. Two examples I can say are: Paint.net's colour fill is easier to use, while Inkscape's zoom function is nicer by not magnifying the pixels. Anyhow, thanks for your assistance. Best regards Tony
  9. Hello Ego Eram Reputo Thank you very much for allowing me to break with protocol. I apologise for not realising the existence of a dedicated plugin thread. I will happily accept a decision to move it. Best regards Tony
  10. Hello Iron67 Many thanks for your quick reply. I attach the transferred .svg and the Inkscape .tar files so that you can open them yourself. As th filename might suggest, this is not the first version of this image that I have created. It's OK in Inkscape. Take a look. I'm sure you will solve this easily or it won't even go wrong for you, but it illudes me. Regards Tony Temp Gauge_4.svg Temp Gauge_4_layered.tar
  11. This computer decided to submit my last post all by itself. I hadn't finished it, so I'll continue: "Save As" allows the option to change the filename and/or destination and/or extension. if you change the ext. (eg. .png) it will flatten the image. Now, your working in that file format (.png) if you wish to continue working with separated layers simply choose the appropriate file from File - Recent or elect from the thumbnails at the top of the screen Does this help at all, or just confuse more? Is it too late anyway? Am I completely missing the point? Does anybody care?
  12. Oh dear, what a blinkin' mess. Now I might have the wrong end of the stick but I see it like this: Forget "Save" that only saves the file immediatyely in the current location with the cureent name and extension
  13. Hello Everybody Has anyone out there had this issue? I'm creating a new face for a temperature gauge on my boat. I'm drawing it in Inkscape but inkscape's colour fill is not very easy to use, so I thought I'd do that part in Paint.net. However, in order to preserve the layers I have had to use the *.svg plugin. So far so good. Problem is, although all the layers from inkscape are listed as having transferred. one layer, (called: inner circle) does not contain its image. See attachments. Can anyone please explain this and suggest a solution. The write-up of this plugin implies that there could be a large number of layers transferred which might slow Paint.net's responses . Therefor, I would not think that 4 layers would be too many. In any case, it is neither the top or bottom layer that is affected. I'm assuming here that the layers are transferred in some particular order; perhaps, top to bottom. Regards
  14. Hello Red Ocre Many thanks for your prompt reply. More and smaller curves is the answer to that then. I believe Corel Draw can do it so it's possible. But then, anything's possible, isn't it? I suppose I'll have to try harder to master bezier curves too. Best regards Tony
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