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  1. What a lovely red image using Callicolour @barbieq25 💮 excellent work 👍
  2. I am very impressed with your Gallery @Ladybug You have done a fabulous job with the layout and design You are, indeed, an extremely creative person 👍 I love the new ones; Irish Magic, Never Forget, 3d Room and Kaleidoscope and am blown away by Juicy Fruit - wow! Jolly well done 🙂
  3. Yes, as the days pass we learn more information from us guinea pigs This was reported in the Daily Mail yesterday: " Young people are more likely to have side effects because their immune systems are more robust than those of older people. Women are more likely than men to experience reactions due to a mix of biological and behavioral factors. The most common side effects for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are pain at the injection site, fever, chills, headache and tiredness. Another rare reaction, but only in Moderna patients, is 'Covid arm,' in which people experience
  4. Well, a bit fiddly to do and certainly gives the meaning to 'photo shopping' as it will require a few extra images. I have done a very quick try - with the cat, to give you the gist. 1. With the Lasso select tool, select the cat's left leg and cut & paste into a new layer. Rotate the leg upwards. 2. From another image with a cat with its paw upwards, select the paw with the Lasso Tool and paste into a new layer. 3. With the Lasso Tool select a selection of the cat's chest hair, to use as filling for the empty space, and paste i
  5. Hello @WaterfallThe2nd and welcome to the forum We have a great Search on the forum that is usually a good place to start: Paint.NET Search (getpaint.net) Also, perhaps this Mini Tutorial might be of help to you:
  6. It's been a while since I made a portrait 😲 So, here is my latest attempt in trying not to distort the lovely Essie Davis in the Australian series "Miss Fisher".
  7. Wow! Those look wonderful @barbieq25 👍 Lovely colors and Brighter Days Ahead is very gelatinous 😲 and Pillow Talk is nice and soothing 🌞. I'm impressed with how your images open up so fast. I guess I should try image shack sometime 😉
  8. Hello @Queenie27 and Welcome Have you checked your computer's download folder?
  9. Groan - me too. First one was OK I got the 2nd yesterday and I awoke at 3 AM feeling like a train ran over me 😬
  10. @Yiannis it's possible you may not have saved/named it properly. This how it should look and be brought into Paint.net. (I apologize for incorrectly suggesting you use another Plugin as I've never tried it before 😬 but now I know how to make one, and it worked for me too).
  11. Woot! I can see your new images now @Red ochre I must have had a server problem yesterday on my end. Wow - those flourishes are amazingly colored and textured, as well as the spiral. Excellent works
  12. Here is a video for you so that each time you add a new image to your thread, you can re-name it in the Title so that others know you have a new image:
  13. So, I just downloaded this Pixel Counter from here: And it went into my Effects folder with no problems. Where did you get yours from?
  14. Just in case ................... did you unzip the file first?
  15. No limit, as long as you use Imgur or postimg to store the images Login to the forum and go to the Pictorium Area: When that's opened then look for your thread: That is your very own Gallery, and you just open it up and post new things in there. Make sure it is only 7 digits. Open the box : Then add the code: Then hit OK. IF the code has 8 digits, drop off the last one.
  16. Wow @Red ochre this one is so beautiful, the texture is astonishing 😲 Is your website down? I see some of your images on the first page are not working properly 🤔 P.S. I fixed the link on this one for you. It had one digit too many and didn't open properly
  17. Hello @T E A L you can run your crash log through the gizmo we have here: I ran it for you and it shows that you are running an older version of paint.net. Please update to the latest version to avoid crashes
  18. What a beautiful flower @Cakie67 🌻 I have combined this with your original Pictorium Thread, as we are only allowed one thread each. You must add to this same thread each time please. I will also edit your Title to show that you have a new image to share. Next time you have something to add, just add it in the thread, then edit the Title to show the new title.
  19. Open Paint.net and click on Effects ............... scroll down to the bottom and it should be there.
  20. LOVE it @barbieq25 😍 The heart just shimmers with color 🥰 I've yet to try this plugin myself!
  21. To be honest @Alpha23 I'm not sure what you mean by 'inverse feather'. To me that would mean - a ragged edge. If you want to change the color of the car to white, then go to Adjustments and choose Black & White. Also, your posted image is way over the allowable size for the forum, please resize it - thank you
  22. Hello @Zerg and welcome to the forum Take a look at this great tutorial: Fading / Blending: Gradient tool on a Camaro picture - Distortions and Modifications - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net)
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