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  1. tuvm @Rickhum And now ....................... Golly - another Perfume Bottle
  2. And the Winners are: 1st Place goes to @welshblue and @MJW with 7 votes each. 2nd Place goes to @Pixey @welshblue x 2 and @MJW 5 votes each. 3rd Place goes to @Pixey and @doughty with 3 votes each. Congratulations everyone. I swear I gained at least two pounds since this competition started, as each time I looked at the entries I had to go get a chocolate! As @MJW was the last one to pick a theme, @welshblue gets the honor of choosing the next one!
  3. ^^ Okey dokey - will ask him to do this
  4. Hi there @docnich If we haven't welcomed you yet, I do now. This Plugin was used to make the rays:
  5. Hi @Cubey and Welcome to the forum I hope this diagram answers your question.
  6. @MPS Welcome to the forum In order for Paint.net to use fonts, they must be stored in the Windows Font Folder on your system.
  7. Very quiet indeed! I have a request though - Trevor Outlaw has a Plugin that is really neat and it never got published. It can be found in this thread:
  8. I concur @HyReZ it saves with a white background at 24 bit: sorry typo
  9. @LionsDragon I saw the images on the news. I can't believe only one poor soul passed away as the images were unbelievable. So glad you are okay
  10. Pixey

    Wooden Barrel

    Great tutorial @Woodsy - it was great fun. I'm always fascinated with the 3D Plugin. Great results from everyone .
  11. Welcome @Simon T to the forum. To be honest, I don't understand your question. Do you mean you want to get rid of the rough edge on the yellow stripe? All the colors you mention are shades. Sorry for my confusion 😉
  12. Moon is a gem I'd made, the rest PDN plugins.
  13. Hello @FantomNova and Welcome I have been in this situation many a time 😁 As .jpg is so close, actually above the choice for .png in PDN, it sounds that you accepted to Save As to a .jpg and it was not saved (as you agreed to the .jpg prompt) as a .png after all. Also, if you already had a .jpg called blue (perhaps your friend's original, whatever you had just done, would be saved to that. So take a look at whatever is called .jpg blue.
  14. Congratulations everyone and Wow @Maximilian is really on a roll Lovely entries from all. Thanks you @lynxster4 for the smooth hosting
  15. The Poll will be open until Saturday 2nd March, 2019 until 2 PM EST and 7 PM UK time. Time remaining until it closes.
  16. @AndrewDavid your link is broken for your bon-bon in the entries area. Please can you fix it. If not, I've been able to get a shot of it and will replace it at 2 PM this afternoon if you don't manage to see this comment. For some reason it's not showing in Chrome but is in Firefox - weird!
  17. @doughty But the ban got lifted. But, I will remove my cup as no one else took up the offer.
  18. HI @DannieUltra and welcome I too just get a bunch of text. I assume the author's Zip is no longer working/removed/deleted. Sorry about that, but it does go back to 2008. I still have the Zip and I will get it attached to the 1st post asap
  19. Hi @Pompey and welcome I'm afraid there is not much hope to fix blurry photographs.
  20. Please try this: Go to Settings - top right side of the canvas and click on the cog wheel Then uncheck the box Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU) Hopefully that may help. If not, please post back
  21. It may be a Nvidia problem. You may want to read this thread: Also, please check you have the latest Nvidia driver installed. Of course, I may be wrong 😉
  22. I just tested it and it's working fine for me. I have heard of people having trouble with different browsers. Can you try one that you don't normally use and see if it's any different.
  23. Great idea @Woodsy So convenient having them all together.
  24. Okay, then we wait until someone else can help you. It's just a guess, but it sounds like your computer is a tad messed up
  25. Right, to start please try this tool to remove any left over things from previous installs: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed Then try to install afresh. Good Luck. Let us know what transpires