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  1. Congratulations go to: In 1st Place is @welshblue with 8 votes In 2nd Place is @welshblue with 7 votes In 3rd Place is @Pixey with 5 votes Well done @welshblue winning first and second places. Great entries everyone 👍
  2. Dear @Maggie OMG - what an ordeal you have been through. I'm so happy that you made it through and how scary for you. And a heart attack as well. Jeez it really brings this horrid virus into perspective when someone you know gets it. Take care and get lots of rest. It's great to have you back on here 👍
  3. This site has had some changes, perhaps since you last logged on. You should see your avatar at the top right hand side, with an arrow next to your name. Click on that and it will take you to your settings.
  4. No worries @DoubleD I had a feeling it was something like that. Glad you are back on track
  5. That's so cool @BoltBait and @toe_head2001 When will you be in Florida @BoltBait ? If you are in Utah isn't <redacted> living there too Maybe give him a call 😄
  6. @DoubleD .agif does support transparency. Have you watched this tutorial? Just uncheck the background layer and Save As:
  7. Hello @le_paulino and welcome The installation was probably broken. Please use this tool to clean it up and then re-try to install: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed
  8. Did you try to post in this thread, which is working fine too?
  9. It's working for me @AndrewDavid it hangs a bit to begin with, but then settles down.
  10. Hello @Cheezey and welcome to the forum Please use the "Direct Link" code to post your image on here from Imgur. Thanks. Your question is difficult to answer as it could be due to a number of things, including what you remembered you did yesterday. But, I doubt that screen mode is not working. Perhaps you could try using one of @BoltBait's Feather Plugins.
  11. Well, thank you so much @AndrewDavid 🥰 I did all of what @Rick Brewster suggested and still the problem continues! I began to think it may be my mouse, or the server and then began to think I may be going Gaga 🤣
  12. This Poll is open until 12th September 2020 until 2PM EST & 7 PM UK time. Good Luck!
  13. Many thanks for the tips @Rick Brewster I've already tried the chkdsk and sfc /scannow a few times already to no avail, but will try your 2nd tip now. Kettle is on and my 3rd cup of char is not far off 🍵
  14. Congratulations to the winners 👍 So many beautiful entries Many thanks for hosting @lynxster4 🥰
  15. Hi @barbieq25 and @welshblue The $2,500 deductible cannot be reclaimed, it's how our insurance works and, unfortunately, there is no one owner who caused this. It's just life living in an older building and you-know-what happens. Luckily the insurance will cover the replacement of everything 👍 Also, turns out there was nothing wrong with the cat, her problem was put down to the stress of all the workers in here and the noise. In cats this is manifested by getting cystitis. If it had been any other day she got sick, we would not have had to go to the emergency clinic. They char
  16. It may be my computer, as I've been having issues with Chrome freezing too. But since the last update paint.net has been freezing and when I go to Repair I get this notice - I'm not sure sure if it means anything? Afterrepair it works until I begin to use PDN the next day, then I have to repeat Repair.
  17. Hello @OllieB12313 and welcome to the forum If you could give us an example, we could suggest something. Meanwhile, here is a tutorial that may be of interest to you:
  18. Hello @MellyNewbie245 and welcome to the forum Another way would be to: 1. Make you background purple. 2. New layer. With the primary color to white, secondary color zero transparency, use @MadJik's Grid & Checker Maker at default. 3. New layer. Using the white squares as a guide, select a box then go to your new layer and add a paler purple. Work back and forth until you have the required squares you want. I describe this method of coloring in Step 3 in this tutorial. 4. Go back to your 2nd layer with the squares and use Fros
  19. Hello @jez84 please read through this thread, which may explain what you are experiencing:
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