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  1. Please give @DragonsLion all my best and wishing him a speedy recovery
  2. Perfect image @LionsDragon Brings New Horizons to my mind
  3. Ahhh - it is so peaceful to look at. LOVE the colors so much
  4. Have you tried PDN Repair? OS (C:) – Program Files – Paint.net – scroll down to the PdnRepair.exe and run it.
  5. This is the result using the Liquify Tool. Big sized brush and small nudges upwards.
  6. I've been trying to find that Font to experiment with, but can't find it for free I'm thinking that you may have to use the "Liquify Tool" for this. I will experiment a bit and if I come up with anything, will post
  7. Have a look at the video in this thread, the 3rd post has a video:
  8. 1. Please tell us more about your Computer system. 2. Which version of Paint you are using. 3. Do you have the Store bought version of Paint.net, or the Classic?
  9. Hello @Ryan D and Welcome You could try this Plugin for Circle Text and play with the 'angle of arc' to lessen the curve. Here is How to Install Plugins.
  10. Hello @ooFumbles and Welcome I'm not a 100% sure of your question, but here's an idea of using the magic wand to select an area:
  11. Hello @Zaki and Welcome to the forum Please try using this tool and then reinstall: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed
  12. Why thank you @Woodsy The mish and the mash are the result of TR's Intensity Warp, set to Ice I believe Many thanks @lynxster4 In hind sight I should have called it Trippy Fractal Thank you very much @ReMake and @barbieq25 for the Reps
  13. Hello @GreenBanana (eat them and get indigestion ) and Welcome to the forum Here is a link on the subject of .tif files:
  14. A lot of Paint.net and a bit of G'Mic Fractal Heaven
  15. Hello @Novemberstorms and Welcome to the forum I too can't answer your questions about the magic wand and the security, but I do have a suggestion for a way for you to use the magic wand when you are wanting to paint. 1. Use the wand in Global mode to select the dog, invert the selection. 2. Make a new layer and begin to paint. It won't go out of the lines. 3. When done flatten.
  16. Yes, that sort of thing is what @ScrapbookWithPDN does on her website. Of course you will first have to learn how to use the Tools in Paint.net. The main thing will be for you to have each image on their own layers, so that you can resize each image to fit, then your final layer for text.
  17. Hello @CherylMcG and Welcome You may find this website interesting, as this lady @ScrapbookWithPDN - a member of this forum made her scrap-booking images with Paint.net: https://pdnscrapbooking.wixsite.com/scrapbooking
  18. Hello @Cragi and Welcome Hmmm - perhaps try a couple of these things: 1. Make sure all your Windows updates are current. 2. Right click on desktop and 'refresh'. 3. Try a re-boot.
  19. Hope you have a fabulous Birthday @sashwilko
  20. Hello @CRATERCRACKER and Welcome The answer to your first problem is that you must have the SECOND color in the color wheel totally transparent, the first color black. If you want a Plugin that doesn't come with the 'basic' plugins, then you must download them. Which Plugin are you looking for?
  21. Hello @stel and Welcome to the forum One of our rules is that we all need to speak English on the forum, as a lot of people on here don't have the time to translate. Thank you