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  1. And the Winners are: 1st Place: @welshblue with 10 votes 2nd Place: is shared by @welshblue and @MJW with 7 votes each 3rd Place: is shared by @Djisves and @welshblue with 6 votes each Congratulations to you all. Beautiful entries and @welshblue gets a nod in all three categories 🤗
  2. Wow @ipswichmanc that result is beautiful 👍 Sorry I took so long to respond, but better late than never 😁 This tutorial was not mine alone, I revived it from an original done by @yellowman. So glad you tried it out though. I recall, when making this, that it was a good lesson in the use of the Shape 3D Plugin. I'm still, after all these years, learning how to use it myself 🤣
  3. So, what you are aiming for is like a negative photo? I don't think we have a plugin for that. Another way wold be. 1. Have your image on a layer. 2. With the Rectangle select draw half way over the image. 3. Make a new layer and fill it with a gray color. Change the blending mode to Multiply and play with the opacity. 4. Repeat 2 & 3 for the other half of the image.
  4. Hello @DSB and Welcome to the forum Well, it's a bit complicated and not something you can do without a bit of work. I've made you a quick video - a simple one - to show you how it can be done. You will need: 1. Levels Plugin which is, I believe, already in paint.net and found under 'Adjustments'. 2. You will have to learn to use this Plugin to make it animated or, if you have an outside .gif maker, you could use that. 3. For a better and smoother transition, there is always this plugin for that.
  5. Aah - I copied and saved it and it had a checkered background.
  6. Sadly @msh your background on this image is not really transparent, so @MJW's Edge Expander will not work properly on this. The best thing would be to have a layer below the image, with the color you want, and then flatten it. However I've tried to remove the background on this site, https://www.remove.bg/ but it removes most of the gray gradient. Hopefully someone will have an idea of how to do this. I will keep thinking too 🧐
  7. Yes, I am confused 😜 Because of this post. I thought it was a 'temporary' solution. So, if I understand correctly I don't need to change the Rules at all in the OotF thread, as the background will be made white via @toe_head2001's magic making the Poll have a white background ?
  8. I moved your Crash Log here @AndrewDavid as this is really not the problem of @midora Animate Plugin. If you run your crash Log in the widget you will see it says "You have 597 Plugins" 🙀 Perhaps you may need to get rid of a few 😁
  9. Hello @devfail and Welcome to the forum. That is so darn cute 😻 Jolly well done 👍
  10. Right, that's an easy edit to do in the rules. I'll just change it from transparent background, to a "White Background".
  11. Well, after reading all of the comments, quite a few times, is a Poll really necessary now - as the background has been set to white by @toe_head2001 ?
  12. Hello @slochin and Welcome to the forum Please try using this app to clear your computer and then try to re-install paint. net. Download the zip found on this page: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116891-error-1603/?tab=comments#comment-574089
  13. Please try this. Download the file run it and then try to install paint.net again: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116891-error-1603/?tab=comments#comment-574089
  14. Congratulations to the winners This was a bumper theme Great entries from everyone 👍 Thank you @lynxster4 for hosting 🍹
  15. The Poll is now open for the OotF#63 and will be open until Saturday 3rd October 2020 until 2 PM EST and & PM UK time. Good Luck Everyone - amazing entries from you all
  16. I had to Google her (haven't lived in the UK since I was 5) and I must say I am very flattered - thank you @welshblue's wifey 👍
  17. I know in the Rules we are not supposed to have Polls, but perhaps on this occasion it may be warranted? A. Transparency B. Any color background C. White only background D. Black only background
  18. @Djisves I will let @toe_head2001 comment on this, as he was the originator of these rules. As for myself, when I am making an image, I use a Black and a White background layer and switch between the two, to see how my image will be viewed on a light or dark screen. But we do and zap anyone's comments if made in this area ?
  19. For some reason - that I do not know - this plugin recognizes the layers, whether they are checked or not! As you will have seen, by using Andrew's agif, one had to delete his layers with the crosses, even though they were unchecked, in order to get the wheel only 😁
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