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  1. I have been able to reproduce this too and am having the same trouble. It must be a bug
  2. Can you please post here what it says in the Exception. Use Copy to clipboard and paste in here. Thanks.
  3. And the Winners are: In 1st Place goes to @MJW with 8 votes ðŸĨ‡ In 2nd Place goes to @lynxster4 with 5 votes ðŸĨˆ In 3rd Place goes to @Manc & @barbieq25 with 4 votes each ðŸĨ‰ Congratulations everyone - all the entries were lip-smacking delicious 😋
  4. Hi @mackenzieg I think if you are looking to save the layers the Ping Pong creates, which seems to be that it goes to the end of the line and then goes backwards, would be to use Paint.net for this. The best way would be to make your Gif first in Ping Pong mode, then go to the saved Gif and add this code after the title = .agif. Then open Paint.net and import the .agif and it will open up in the layers you made with the ping pong. It will look like this: < Clickable > You can then re-animate it with @midora's Animate Plugin if you wan
  5. Hello @Bernd and Welcome to the forum This always a tricky situation. Please take a look at this Tool called the Clone Stamp Tool.
  6. @Hiddena0 when you are in the animate box, be sure to use the Zoom and when you save it, click that you want it zoomed, then you'll have a bigger image
  7. I'll look into this tomorrow for you @mackenzieg Meanwhile I made my first spite gif with his Plugin:
  8. I can get it to work, but I can never get it to copy the bit I'm trying to clone - it's always off by miles ðŸĪŠ ðŸĪĢ
  9. I'm guessing you are trying to 'select' the black box before going to the 2nd layer? 1. With the magic wand, click on the black - it will become active (ants crawling). 2. Then go to your 2nd layer, Invert selection (Ctrl = I) and then hit delete on your computer. Then deselect the black box. Your 2nd image should now be the size of the black box.
  10. I moved your Doggie @Cakie67 into here. It's on Page 1 now. A couple of things: 1. I notice that you posted your doggie straight into the forum from your computer. Please remember that if you don't store your images on another host site, you will run out of space on this Paint.net site. 2. If you want to post a new image, don't use the Edit to start with. First add your image to the Reply area, like below this post of mine. Then you can go to Edit to change the Title to the new image.
  11. Hello @TheSir and welcome If the images are on a grid, and you want to separate them, just select the image you want with the rectangle select and go to Image and choose Cut. Then make a new layer and use Paste.
  12. I have re-done this tutorial by @spongey437 as all of his images disappeared. I will update the PDF soon 😁 Done!
  13. That's so ingenious @lynxster4 👍 It's so Crystally 🌞 and vibrant. You now have your own Lucky Crystal stand for your desk ðŸĨ— Brilliant
  14. Yes, exactly @Cakie67. You just come back here and add your new image and then edit the title on the first page. I see you have already edited the title today. Well done! You will get there. Later on, if you want all of your images together on the first page, we can show you how ...... but it's a bit fiddly. Do you want your latest doggie image moved here? I can fix that for you if you'd like
  15. Start image: a touch of Droste by @toe_head2001 Plugin not used before: is Psychocolour by @Red ochre
  16. Ooooooo - love the Take a Bow ðŸĨ° The colors are all perfect and make it really pop! It's so soft and satiny 👍
  17. Congratulations @barbieq25 and @DrewDale 👍 and thank you all that voted 🙂 What a lovely selection of entries from everyone Thank you @lynxster4 for hosting 🧁
  18. Happy Birthday @toe_head2001 I just realized .... you look like Coldplay @toe_head2001 ðŸĨ°
  19. The Poll is now open for the Easter Egg competition. It will be open until Saturday 10th April 2021, until 2 PM EST and 7 PM UK time. Good Luck All.
  20. You have done an excellent job of removing the background @brake 👍 To clean up the boots you will need to sample an area that is good and replace it over the bad. Perhaps take a look at this post:
  21. @barbieq25 Many thanks for the compliment 😍 Yes, we love the series and watch it again and again. However, my husband always says at the beginning of a series - I wonder who she will end up in bed with this time 😂 @lynxster4 you are very kind, thank you 😍 Many thanks to @Ladybug @Red ochre for the Rep points ðŸŒŧ
  22. You are welcome @brake I just edited step one, as I forgot to say "cut/paste". I'm sure you will get the hang of it 👍
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