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  1. Paint.net is always my go-to for making digital images for social media, but I recently needed to have an image printed and ran into issues with the RBG colors not converting well to CMYK. Now I'm (sadly!) wondering if I should start using a CMYK-capable app instead of paint.net (as suggested here). If so, which app would be most friendly as a starting point for a paint.net user? Cheap would also be nice.
  2. I've found many references to Evanold's Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin but the links referenced in the plugin forum here appear to be broken. I'm an inexperienced user so maybe I'm missing something. Has the plugin been superceded by another one?
  3. I have an animated gif with multiple layers. What's the best strategy for adding some title text that will be visible on all frames? I tried inserting a top 'title' layer with blending mode=additive, but it only blends with the first layer below it.
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