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  1. It sounds hopefully, but I have older PDN, so I cannot try it. If there is something like "Paste bitmap in clipboard into selection", it is probably what I need (IfranView works this way).
  2. Imagine for instance grass, sand, foliage, smooth surface, simply no edges or orientation points or contrasting spots anywhere in the image. As I said, almost impossible to line up "by eye", tending to errors. In such case using opacity is also useless. My approach with pencil and paper is still much better :-( . Update: But you inspired me and I have found this workaround: Both images to two layers, and because one selection works for both of them, I can do Copy/Paste with changing the active layer, without any use of the Move tool. If I had some keyboard shortcuts for switching active layer, I need not anything else...
  3. Is there anything new in this topic? Is there any way how to place a selection into exact position by coordinates? Typical task is this: I have two images taken from a tripod, so some parts are exactly the same pixel by pixel. And I want to create the third image from parts of those two: The only way I discovered so far is to make a selection in one image, write down to paper "Selection top left" coordinates, copy the selection, paste it to result, and then move it to its position using that recorded coordinates. It is slow and time consuming, but far better than trying to place it "by eye", which is almost impossible in complex images. For instance IrfanView allows to save and recall selection size and position, but on the other hand it allows only single rectangle selection, so I would like to use PDN for such tasks.
  4. Yet another error: on the page are links to non-existing page:
  5. I would like to know, how many megabytes everyone has to download, when is forced to open the online help for every forgoten keyboard shorcut, for every forgoten trick, again and again. My test using Wireshark: index page, search using google for one keyword, opening a result page: about 2MB (including TCP/IP overhead, but probably also including timestamps and the other TCPdump overhead...) My .pdf containing the whole web: 8MB. My choice is apparent even when I am online. BTW, I found a small error in the code. There is left " > " in the menu code, so the menu item Tools contains unintended space ...
  6. Strange comment. And I do not only work usually offline (well, I could connect by GPRS, but it took half hour for everytime I needed some help), I also use WindowsXP and Paint.NET 3.5, so the online help is not actual for me. I believe that advertisement on the help page brings some benefit - why not. But your approach is quite unusual. So I created my own PDF from the help page. It took hours, because I had no experience with it, that's why I originally hoped I can just download it.
  7. Something new? Lack of help is tragic limitation of this great application. Not only I work mostly offline, but online help is not searchable. Even when I need to find something I saw already and I need just recollect it, it takes minutes to find it.