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  1. It would be 164,771,712 bytes if the file has one layer. PSD files can contain thousands of layers, so that file could require hundreds of GB of memory to load into Paint.NET. The problem is that Photoshop has partial layers and Paint.NET doesn't. Because layers are cheap in Photoshop, graphic designers can use layers like candy. They'll create a new layer for a 10x10 image element. When the file is loaded into Paint.NET, that 10x10 layer turns into a full 3892 x 3528 layer.
  2. Codeplex has finally taken action, and files can now be downloaded successfully on Chrome and Firefox. Due to the quick reporting from users, the PSD Plugin was one of the first projects on Codeplex to workaround the problem. I also have reason to believe that the operators of Codeplex took action based directly on my recommendations. Therefore, every project on Codeplex owes a debt of gratitude to the users of the PSD Plugin. Thank you!
  3. There is currently a URL block in effect against all downloads on Codeplex. The file checks out with a clean bill of health on VirusTotal.com. I have placed a link to the alternate download site on the PSD Plugin Codeplex page, and I have reported the problem to the people who run Codeplex. Since it is a URL block, that's about all I can do. Google requires the operator of the website (Microsoft) to get in touch with them to get the block lifted.
  4. It has come to my attention that Codeplex downloads are being blocked in many browsers, including Chrome. Every download on Codeplex.com is being blocked -- even Microsoft programs like the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool! If you are running Windows 10, the Edge browser can still download the PSD Plugin successfully. If you are not using Windows 10, you can download the latest version of the PSD Plugin here: http://www.psdplugin.com/
  5. In addition to cleaning out your Effects folder, please also clean out your FileTypes folder: In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects Delete all files. Take a screenshot here. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes Delete all files. Take a screenshot here. If Windows cannot delete any files, restart the computer and try again. Next, make sure that the old version of the PSD Plugin is actually gone: Start Paint.NET. File-Open Click the dropdown for "All image types" Take a screenshot here. Make sure that "Photoshop (*.psd)" does NOT appear on the dropdown list. Exit Paint.NET. Finally, follow these steps to download and install the new version of the plugin: https://psdplugin.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Installation Follow each step exactly, even if you normally do the same thing in a different way. These steps have been tested by many users who initially had difficulty installing the plugin, and they are known to work on Windows 7 through Windows 10.
  6. PSD Plugin 2.4.1 and earlier do not work on Paint.NET 4.0.11 and later. Please upgrade to version 2.5.0 of the PSD Plugin: http://psdplugin.codeplex.com/downloads/get/1606282
  7. Windows Defender does not alert on PSDPlugin-2.5.0.zip. VirusTotal also gives it a clean bill of health at 55 different malware scanners: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/309c44f2ceec555b0efddda81679a54a0bb89fccc38b784cc4c8609e87e4327e/analysis/ The problem may be caused by a browser add-on. I would suggest using a different web browser to download the plugin. Windows 10 Edge would be a good choice because it has very few add-ons available. However, any web browser will do except the one that you normally use. Make sure to copy-paste the direct link to the download: http://psdplugin.codeplex.com/downloads/get/1606282 If you continue to have this problem even with a different web browser, please do NOT delete the file. Submit the file to VirusTotal for analysis, and post the URL here.
  8. The timestamp check is actually not just to verify the file version, but also to check for side effects. As we saw above, third-party ZIP tools can have trouble with things that work correctly using the Windows built-in ZIP handler. The built-in ZIP handler in Windows always extracts files with the time set to the local time zone. No matter which time zone the user is in, the same times will be displayed in Windows Explorer. I just tried with my system set to Cyprus time (Eastern European time zone), and it shows the correct time.
  9. Those errors only appear if you have PSD Plugin 2.4.1 or earlier installed. If it is showing up, then PSD Plugin 2.5.0 is not installed properly People seem to be having trouble because upgrading requires that the old version be overwritten. You don't have to do this on fresh installs, so this problem doesn't come up. The best workaround is to first delete the old version: Restart the computer. Delete Photoshop.dll from C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes Start Paint.NET and make sure that it cannot open or save PSD files. Close Paint.NET. Once this has been done, you can then do a fresh install of PSD Plugin 2.5.0: Download a fresh copy of PSD Plugin 2.5.0 from: http://psdplugin.codeplex.com/downloads/get/1606282 Right-click the ZIP file and select "Extract All ..." Make sure PhotoShop.dll has the timestamp: 9/11/2016 10:35 PM Copy PhotoShop.dll into C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes
  10. DanceERB sent me email separately with the error message. I am posting here so that you're not left in suspense about the resolution. The problem was caused by using 7-Zip to extract Photoshop.dll directly into C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes. This folder requires administrative privileges to write to it. However, 7-Zip runs as an unprivileged user and does not try to elevate itself to admin. It just gives an error message. The workaround is to do a two-stage copy. First, use 7-Zip to extract the ZIP file to another directory. Then use Windows Explorer to copy the DLL into C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes. Windows Explorer will prompt to elevate, so the second copy operation will work. Incidentally, this is the sort of corner case that third-party utilities often miss. The ZIP handler that's built-into Windows will prompt to elevate if the user does not have permission to write to a directory.
  11. Version 2.5.0 of the Paint.NET PSD Plugin has been released: http://psdplugin.codeplex.com/ This version requires Paint.NET 4.0.11. Changes: Faster saving of files with few layers. Loading of PhotoDeluxe files with channel length of 0. Support for PSB Large Documents: Each channel must be smaller than 2,147,483,647 bytes. Although PSB files can go up to 300,000 pixels in either dimension, Paint.NET images are limited to 65,535 pixels. PSB files are automatically saved if either dimension exceeds the 30,000 limit for a PSD file. However, the user must manually change the filename extension from .PSD to .PSB. Changes for developers using the PSD Plugin as a library: Saving of 16-bit and 32-bit depth images Image compression using ZIP and ZIP-with-prediction
  12. I've never seen this happen to the PSD Plugin, but I have seen it happen to other files. For some reason, Windows is unable to delete the Alternate Data Stream on the file. The easiest way to remove the ADS on a file is to pass it through a FAT32 filesystem. Delete Photoshop.dll from the FileTypes folder. Reboot. Make sure the file is really gone. Insert a USB flash drive, ideally 32 GB or smaller. Right-click on the drive and select Format. Change "File system" to FAT32. Click Start, and then OK when it finishes formatting. Using Internet Explorer, download a fresh copy of the PSD plugin and save it to the flash drive. (Chrome and Firefox will download the file without asking you where to save it.) Right-click Photoshop.zip and make sure that "Unblock" does not appear. If it does, unblock it and make sure it sticks. Extract the ZIP file on the flash drive. Right-click Photoshop.dll and make sure that "Unblock" does not appear. If it does, unblock it and make sure it sticks. Copy Photoshop.dll from the flash drive to C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes If at any step you run into a problem, please take a screenshot that shows the problem, and post it here as an image attachment.
  13. Please post screenshots of: File Explorer, set to View - Details, opened to the folder: C:\Program Files\paint.net File Explorer, opened to the folder: C:\Program Files\FileTypes The Properties page for Photoshop.dll File Explorer, opened to the folder: C:\Program Files\Effects These screenshots will provide additional information about your system configuration that may help to diagnose the problem. Please be sure to make the Windows Explorer window wide enough so that we can read all the columns.
  14. The download is a ZIP file. "It" should not be placed into the FileTypes folder. You need to look inside the ZIP file and then copy PhotoShop.dll into the FileTypes folder.
  15. PSB files are planned for the next version of the PSDPlugin.