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  1. Great work @lynxster4. Bambi looks like he's popping out of the picture, impressive shading! 😍
  2. Hey guys (and gals) it's been a while since I even logged in to the forum. Mostly due to me enrolling in law school and some other stuff. Good to be back 😄 Anyhow, here's a quick pic I made at the train home. I played around with some of the distortion tools, flames and metallize to get my golden tiles. You know I like my things shiny 😉 I also used Yellowman's tutorial on how to make waterdrops, with my own take. Link to the tut here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/26951-how-to-make-water-drops/
  3. Thank you Rickhum and Collagemaster for your nice comments, I'm very glad you like it! Having no inspiration what so ever for more than half a year sucks... It's nice to pop in again. Here's an 'almost PDN-pic' I suppose. I used an image of a real tarantula for the shape since my own mental image of a spider is really not an accurate one Spiders give me the oogies, but I also find them fascinating... at a distance!
  4. Thank you all for the comments, it is much appreciated getting some feedback. @lynxster4 I ran out of reps, catch up tomorrow
  5. Stunningly beautiful, Pixey! The bottle, the necklace and the ring, they've all been added to my letter to santa this year
  6. Thanks Seerose, Pixey and Woodsy (Or was it Disgruntled1? ) I got inspiration from a local artist who held an exhibition with ink painted on crumbled paper, so I tried to create some kind of paper looking texture for that one. Glad you liked it! This one took me a couple of days to complete since I work full time now, another jewelry-looking thingy:
  7. Absolutely wonderful work again, Lynxster! The colours and textures look great
  8. Lynxster and Seerose, thank you so much! I feel bad for not replying earlier, I've been up to my ears in work and haven't checked my page for almost three months But hey, finally some summer vacation!
  9. Wow! I love the different textures on the brick walls and the pavement. A cool picture with a lot of detail put in it, I espescially like the street light on Ishi St. Wonderful work, keep it up!
  10. Another lovely bottle, Pixey! Truly beatiful
  11. "Purple Haze" looks fantastic, very psychedelic! Good ol' Jimi would have used it as cover art
  12. Late to the party I see Congratulations to the pin, Lynxster! Here's my go, combined it with the crystalize effect from your hammered glass in your gallery.
  13. Thank you Drydareelin! Blend modes were the key, and the smudge tool was handy when casting the shadows on the leaf A while ago I tried making black pearls in PDN and ended up with this. Never posted it due to procrastination
  14. Thank you Lynxster! I wouldn't want to slip and fall over there, broken mirror shards can be quiet a pain Seerose, thank you so much. I'll gladly accept the cake, I've had sweet tooth all week Thanks Pixey! Top ten happiest place? That's quiet a dramatic turn from "Highest suicide rate in the first world" Thank you fairymiss303, and welcome to the forum. I'm happy you liked what I've done so far.
  15. Wow, and I who thought it's impossible to solve a regular Rubik Cube That is one stunning puzzle, Drydareelin! Btw, I think I saw the black hole is in the middle square of the middle disc
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