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  1. @ingwer I watched the video, and albeit not understanding german well, I think you did a great job showcasing Radial Fade! I'm honored, thank you for your work!
  2. One of my favorite plugins. Great work. Also, photos need to be reuploaded. EDIT : Here are some photo comparisons, since the ones provided by OP are broken. In all compressed images, maximum level of compression (5/5) was used. Audi A5 before (321 KB in PNG): Audi A5 after PNG Preprocessor (185 KB = 57.6% of original size) Audi A5 High-Quality JPEG : 41.59 KB Lena Söderberg before (1.77 MB) Lena Söderberg after (978.2 KB = 55.3%) Lena Söderberg High-Quality JPEG : 134 KB "Pub" by GUWEIZ on DeviantArt (1.45 MB) "Pub" by GUWEIZ after (790 KB = 54.5%) "Pub
  3. I just checked in today and saw this plugin hit 1000 downloads! I'm surprised and glad it helped out so many people. This was just an introduction to basic C# syntax for me, and I'm happy it became more than that to >1k users. Have fun using it
  4. @Eli Thanks! Speaking of being back, some friends and I are going to write a playing-card detection plugin for ImageJ soon, and I'll try to port it to Paint.NET afterwards.
  5. You're very welcome! Glad to know it's helpful! Don't hesitate to leave suggestions if you feel something is missing. I never thought this plug-in would get over 15 downloads and a couple comments, so I'm surprised and humbled at all the attention it got.
  6. As OP's answer isn't very clear about Windows Ink, here's a more in-depth explanation : Windows Ink is a Microsoft feature that allows some tablet users (depending on the brand and model of the tablet) to write by hand in text boxes. It opens window similar to the on-screen keyboard, but that detects handwriting and converts it (badly) to text. When Windows Ink is activated (which is the default behavior), movements smaller than about 3mm are not detected. This is very annoying, especially when drawing details. Windows Ink appeared in Windows XP with the Tablet PC Settings, a set of default dr
  7. No problem~ if you have any suggestions or feedback, please do leave a comment
  8. You put both files on your desktop and double-click the .bat. Or you put the dll file in Program Files\paint.net\Effects and the bat in the recycle bin.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean. If you're wondering which submenu you can find the effect after installation; it should be Effects\Render. Great to know it's useful! I'll try working on a panning system ; but in the meantime you can select the area you want to fade ; since this works by selection : it will fade from the center to the edge of the selection. You might be able to make do with that until I implement the panning. Thanks for the idea! EDIT : Implemented panning
  10. Thanks Strangely, I thought I added the zip with the dll and a .bat that installs it ; but it's obviously not there. Something must've gone wrong, I'll try it again. Thanks, I'll do that next time, but I already have the zip on my desktop, so I won't go through the whole recompiling process. EDIT : OK, I added the dll to my first post. Thanks for pointing that out, Ego.
  11. It can indeed. I didn't even see that option, and feel like an idiot for having gone through all that. Meh, at least I got some experience out of it. That being said, it seems to me the transparency gain over distance to center can't be tampered with, so I guess this still can be useful... -ish.
  12. Image reupload would be cool.
  13. OK, well this is my first plugin. Hope it's useful for more than just me. This plugin will allow you to make your image gradually transparent going from the center to the edges (or vice-versa). The transparency gain over distance to the center is modulable, as well as the circle size. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please share your opinion This is what the UI looks like : Before: After : The main difference between this and the gradient tool is the 'Fade Rate' slider, i.e. the modulability of the transparency gain over distance. Made with the CodeLab plugin fo
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