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Image is too big to put here (1152x864)


I did this 2 years ago in MS Paint for Vista, took me a whole summer... pixel by pixel (yes, i cheated a bit with adding text, hopefully it still counts).

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@Frontcannon , amazing. The texture of the planet is really something, and I can see you used a lot of different

color combinations. The stars, are really neat too, and you chose the right way of showing it, in a few big clusters of stars.

But is everything made there by pixel, I mean the thing flying around the planet?

OH and I just recently started doing pixel art. I have been doing well, and this is one of my favorite. A mystical tree :)

I have other pixel work that is available in my gallery, labeled "Pixel" of course.


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To be precise, the space station is the ONLY thing there made completely Pixel by Pixel :bigeyes:

The picture is a combination of Pixel Art techniques and Blend Modes, Shape3D and lots of more stuff I can't remember. The asteroids for example came from a few sample forms I repeated dozens of times, then run Polar Inversion and then Stitch :biggrin:

It doesn't really fit with the rules of this thread, I know, but this thread deserved more attention.

Nice tree, by the way. The trunk could use some work though, more shadowing for example.

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