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  1. You will need to uninstall your current version and reinstall " 4.0.9". Unfortunately, doesn't allow you to download older versions from their site. You will need to use a search engine to find an older version. Make sure you download it from a reputable site to avoid viruses. I'm not sure if the admins would let me link a clean download here.
  2. Wow, I had no idea that Ctrl+B could also bring you back to the previous zoom. That is a pretty good workaround. Thanks!
  3. I make pixel art. I tend to work with very small dimensions such as 60x60 and with high levels of zoom. Example: Zoom in 1600% Change a couple pixels Ctrl + B to review change Rinse and repeat a 100+ times Yea, i noticed that the zoom tool and ctrl+scroll will occasionally make it snap to the top left. My issue is with not being able to maintain a static position in the center. Being able to scroll past the bounds of the image seems like a great feature when the image is taking up the full screen(ex: 2400% zoom). However, I want my image to be centered when it is not taking up the full screen(ex: 400% zoom). I understand if the feature may not be able to work that way.
  4. Will we be able to disable the overscrolling? I zoom in and out constantly and tend to work at a very small scale. I feel like this feature isn't really suited to my type of work. I've downgraded in the meantime.
  5. I selectively blur and sharpen specific areas usually. I usually do a higher blur on the large undetailed areas(ex. forehead) and a lesser blur on the parts that I want to be sharper. I then go over specific edges and a few areas with the sharpen tool. Here is a fairly quick job:
  6. mero

    mero's gallery

    I take credit for everything but the fonts I used and edited. Thanks for the tip bud. No idea why they ended up close so close like that.
  7. mero

    mero's gallery

    New one: It was a request from another site. Thanks a lot helen
  8. mero

    Chibi! :3

    Pretty nice bud. I like your clothing designs and can appreciate the sketchy texture. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you.
  9. mero

    mero's gallery

    Some fan art for a comic i've been reading. Free font credit: Denise Bentulan.
  10. Get the best of both worlds and use both of them.
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    mero's gallery

    Thanks a lot bud New one: