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  1. I really like your work bud. A bunch of your stuff came out really nice.
  2. lol oh. The version i reinstalled is 2.3.3627.29846 apparently just in case you wanted to know a version that had it. Thanks a lot for the fast reply bud.
  3. Is the preview for smudge ever coming back? I liked how it would show the outcome outside of the plugin before I actually clicked the "ok" button. I just recently updated everything so I could try liquify and twist but my old smudge stopped working so I had to update to this new one that doesn't do it. Having to click the "ok" button each time now is really slowing me down. I will be reverting back(hopefully) but I am just curious for future updates. Thanks in advanced bud. I love your plugins.
  4. Thanks a lot guys =) I posted this on multiple sites and you are the first one to actually post a outcome alex. Nice personal touch bud. =)
  5. Thanks a lot bud. Glad you like it =) Done.
  6. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it thumbnail version: resolution:471×6106 Plugins required: Written version: This is our final outcome ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1 First i started off with a canvas size of 350x130. Then i used my Paint Bucket tool to make the whole thing blue. The shade of blue settings used were: R: 124 G: 199 B:252 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step
  7. I didn't use c4ds on the first one. I was just messing around with the dents effect. i have no idea what the render is either. I thought it was a alien. =p Thanks for the c&c guys.
  8. <- He was a character in a city project i was making. Never finished it. =/ <- decided to make sprites of two of my friends. =p
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