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Image Umbrella: Pixel Images


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I was up all night trying to figure out how to do something like that! Couldn't figure it out...

Here is my first attempt at pixel art:


Have a look at this tutorial, as well as part 2 (on making a building) - it helped me a lot.

I also did many Google Image Searches for pixel buildings, houses, etc... and copied them into PDN, then zoomed in to take a look at how certain elements were constructed; this helped me with brick and grass textures. Try pasting my house picture into PDN and zoom into 800% -1200% to see the details.

Make sure to use many layers, putting each new element on a separate layer, so you can go back and correct mistakes, as well as copy/paste specific elements.

I started with simple cubes and pyramids and soon started to build up bigger pictures.

Have fun!


Thanks for the link

Made this


Is it really nessecary to put text here? Thought not :D


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hahaha this is harder than it looks. I read a whole comic series of pixel art (AMD) and I can't believe how long that would have to take... :P here's my feeble first attempt


It's only 50x50 at 96 p/i, but my dad is daring me to try a 1080 p/i :shock: That would be really, really hard.


He's cheering my first animated pixel art... him!





Previously dgirl555, but now you can call me epic

Oh, and I really like airbrushing photos

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