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Dents, rendering time for its effects

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Before I ask the question, let me do a little explanation.

I do a lot of experimentation with the effects, both pugins and standard PDN effects, for a lot of background designs that I make. To be honest, I mostly use distorts to get most of the effects needed for a lot of the psychedelic designs that I like so well. Most of the effects have a rendering time between 1 and 10 seconds on my PC. A couple take a little longer than that, somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds. But when I use the Dents effect, it may take me over a half hour to get the final settings I want with the effect, and another 2.5 minutes to render after clicking the OK button.

I was wondering... does everyone have this problem with Dents? Or is my PC so antique that it just can't process it fast enough? I'm on a 750mhz PIII with a NIVIDA GeForce4 MX440 grafics card. Its not much, but its all I can afford atm, and it usually does its job without bucking around like a wild bronco.

Here's an example pic that took me over 35 mins just to find the right dents settings and then to render the effects to the picture.



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Not sure what's causing it due to me not being a well rounded programmer, sorry.

You should ask Ed, he made the effect, thus would be more logical to ask the creator.

I recommend posting this in the Ed Effects thread.

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is my PC so antique that it just can't process it fast enough?

The answer is yes.

Dents is really compute-intensive.

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Yes, your computer is slow, and is actually below the recommended system for Paint.NET (we officially say "800mhz"). Your P3-750 is ... 7 years old?

A modern dual core system, such as a Athlon X2 or Core 2 Duo, will generally render all effects quite fast. I think "Tile Reflection" is the most CPU intensive of the built-in Paint.NET effects.

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Dents is a processor intensive effect :(

The most important setting is Quality. Each step up in this setting slows the render speed considerably, so don't increase it unless you really have to.

The other setting worth watching is Detail, although it has less affect than Quality.

All other settings have little or no influence on rendering time...



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