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  1. I don't know why, but even if I delete brushes from my Custom Brushes folder, all the brushes I delete still get loaded into all the PDN brush tools I use (Liquify, Smudge, and Custom Mini Brush for example). I've even put my Custom Brushes Folder on a USB stick and deleted the whole folder but all brushes were still loaded into the Brush tools when I restated PDN eventho I had no Brushes at all in my PDN folder or on my PC (as far as I know). And btw, I'm on a 4x3.40Ghz & 8GB RAM PC and it still takes me 2 minutes to load the tool. But I can live with it seeing what the tool does for me
  2. Just wanted to thank you Pyrochild for this great Plugin. I've been away from the forums now for some time, but was very active 2 years ago. I still use PDN almost on a daily basis, but real life has kept me away from here. Your plugin is one of my most used effects, not only for Custom Backgrounds, but a very useful tool to soften up edges of Cutouts/Renders that Feathering couldnt totally dispose of. I've got a question tho... if there is work on a newer version being done, could you look into why the tool takes so long to open when you have lots of brushes loaded? If I'm doing several proj
  3. Sun and a cold brew... what more can you ask for?

  4. Yeah... well sorry D.A, I kinda knew that reviving the thread would get some negative reactions, as well as some positive. But we had this discussion in this thread once already, and it came to the same decision back then as well. The bliss thread is kinda like the Pictorium with a theme, and shouldnt be binded down to "this thread is to old to be bothered with new posts". Besides, if I had posted every "bliss parody" that I have done in the past (almost all of them just for my own amusement) I think I could of posted a pic every month for the last 12 months. And my absolute favorite (Calvin&
  5. Gotta dig this up for best Easter wishes... Jud@s
  6. Hi_di_ho all... been a while since I've last been here... nice to see some old forums members are still at it 8) Just did this quick Sig for a teammate... nothing fancy tho
  7. I can also recomend Alpha's PDN lightning tut, it really makes a nice lightning effect that looks realistic. http://www.alphatransparency.com/?p=152 He linked it here in the forums as well, but I cant find it atm. Btw, he has a few other tuts in there as well that are worth taking a look into 8)
  8. @ DeadEye Try doing some of the easier tut's first. Get used the difference of duplicates and layers, and what the layer properties will/can do. I know its hard in the beginning, especially if you've had no prior knowlage of such programs before this. But you will notice that its easy to learn how to do things once you start out on it... just dont give up at you first tries :wink:
  9. damn... hard decision to vote on... I'm from San Diego, Calif. but I live in a small town 50km N.E. of Frankfurt, Germany. :evil: eventho I'll prolly end up in hell, I don't plan on shaking Mr. H's hand
  10. White lettering on a black background :wink:
  11. I've never tried to change it, tbh, donno if you can or not. But you can go around it by making a layer underneath with the same color as the water, or duplicate the layer you're making the water on, and do the water effect on the duplicate.
  12. @MadJik... the last 3D orb you did looks amazingly like a carved wood ball with wooden incerts... really nice work!
  13. Try this tut on installing new fonts http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3393
  14. AngelaRenee, your avatar is way, way too big... 100px max width. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3446 read that please, especially rule 12.
  15. A little tip fets... don't forget to apply a little shadow drop onto the elements that you put on your button. In this case the * and the ~, it will highlight the whole 3D effect to the end results.
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