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  1. It is a tragedy to not have this thread bumped when it contains probably the best gradient plugin on the board.
  2. I think that instrumentality helped me with my personal usage of scientific theories. Falsificationism does not allow you to believe in evolution as truth, but you can accept that it is a scientifically valid theory. So, I need a reason to use theories which are currently accepted and scientifically valid, but without holding a belief in them. Instrumentalism was my favorite approach. As stated on Wikipedia: "instrumentalism is the view that a scientific theory is a useful instrument in understanding the world. A concept or theory should be evaluated by how effectively it explains
  3. Sorry to bump an old topic, but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on evolution. It seems to be a popular topic lately and has also drawn some attention to the scientific method. I do not consider myself to be an "evolutionist." By which I mean I do not hold beliefs in evolution. I accept evolution as a current, science supported theory. I do not "believe in" evolution or accept it as truth. That is not science. If you look at the history of science you will see why it is not always a good idea to accept a theory as truth: they are often disproven or altered as time goes on. I
  4. I think this is the best Gradient plugin currently available. Anyone who uses gradients needs this... The dithering is a time saving feature.
  5. That's strange, I found this with no posts on it... I used it, looks like the best plugin for this as long as you are using the same radius for all sides. The fact that it allows gradients can make some things easier.
  6. Adobe: "When converting a color image to Bitmap mode, first convert it to Grayscale mode. This removes the hue and saturation information from the pixels and leaves just the brightness values. However, because only a few editing options are available for Bitmap mode images, it’s usually best to edit the image in Grayscale mode and then convert it to Bitmap mode. " After this, there are several tools you MAY be able to use. The one I found that may work for you is Threshold, which converts the image to black and white I believe (according to the threshold level you select certain pixels can
  7. For an outer glow (inside/outside) there are several plugins called "outline object" or similar, some of which allow blurring for the glow effect.
  8. Just wanted to post mine... pm if you want tips.
  9. Just wanted to post mine... pm if you want tips.
  10. Well now that's not true Paint.NET is capable vector in lots of ways you just have to open the possibilities /srry for double post Wow I didn't think they were made in PDN but nice job
  11. Yea I need to do that so I can use custom brushes... too bad they are stored there
  12. As long as the school has .NET 2.0 or higher you can run it. I've found it works better off a flash drive on my school computers than at home... kind of sad Just Go to Program files or wherever you have it and copy and paste the paint.net folder. Run it off the drive. If you don't have net 2.0 it won't work. I was fortunate to have a new computer lab at my disposal though most of the other computers did not have it. Type this into internet explorer to see the version installed on the current computer: javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent)
  13. I like pokemon and kirby!!! Nice work!
  14. I can realize it is a bug in internet explorer. But because the majority of users are still using internet explorer I think the community is forced to work around for it. At least that's how I have to work, coding and designing everything for Firefox which works just fine and then going back and tweaking things that are unneccessary and stupid because the majority of people are using IE.
  15. Is this not even looked at? (No offense) It's just something about png that annoys me and if anyone could provide some sort of plugin to correct it that might do some good...
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