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  1. "Extract Channel" in my plugins (Ed Harvey Effects v 4.0) has quite a range of selections... ?
  2. Aaah, lattice... One of the first effects I ever wrote, and it showed! I think I dropped it from the pack quite some time ago as it was kind-of cr@p I'm away from home for the next couple of weeks - when I return, I'll put a copy of it in the 'Archives'
  3. sorry for the slow reply on this one, I only just noticed it... If I remember correctly, it's a relatively simple transform, the mapping is something like... for a given pixel at x,y (where x and y are relative to the center of the image) mx = (size * Math.Floor(x / size) + size / 2); my = (size * Math.Floor(y / size) + size / 2); ix = (mx - x) * shift; iy = (my - y) * shift; pixel at x-ix maps to x, and y-iy maps to y so basically it divides to image into squares, and maps shifted/scaled sections of the image into each square...hope that helps
  4. Hmmm, you're right - sort of... Somewhere in the mists of time (I haven't done any real work on these plugins in ages) it somehow got renamed Vibrance I'll see if I can find the time in the next few days to rename it back... In the meantime, you now know where to find it Edit: On second thoughts, I think I'll leave it as is...
  5. Since we are now at the release candidate stage, here is a version that works with paint.net V4... EdHarvey-FastFx-4-0-5120.zip [ link also placed on first post ]
  6. Since we are now at the release candidate stage of paint.net v4, here is a version that works with paint.net V4... EdHarvey-Effects-4-0-5120.zip [ link also placed on first post ]
  7. Here's a version of my plugins that should work with the latest paint.net 4.0 alpha... EdHarvey-Effects-4.0.5120.zip [edit] ...And the latest 'FastFx' ( I'd forgotten just how fast they were! ) EdHarvey-FastFx-4.0.5120.zip
  8. It's very difficult to specify exact settings to duplicate standard filters as there are many variables (for example, camera response and white balance) which can effect the final picture look. Also, some of the standard filters have complex responses which are not possible to exactly model after the original light spectrum has been sampled to the 3 primary colors It's usually best to just play with the settings until you get the desired result. Having said that, the example you gave, Red 25, is actually easy as it blocks everything but Red - so Hue 0°, strength 100% If you have other specific filters for which you require settings, I probably have that info archived away somewhere at home. Just let me know which ones you are interested in, and I'll see if I can find it...
  9. If you haven't already read them, and are looking for some more grand sweeping sci-fi, may I recommend Peter F Hamilton's "Commonwealth Saga" (Pandora's Star / Judas unchained) - humongous great books (1000 and 800 pages respectively) of epic space opera
  10. Foundation's Edge was good. I didn't enjoy Foundation and Earth as much - I found it a bit 'wordy' The prequals were OK, but sadly not quite as epic as the originals. They are, however, much more readable than Foundation and Earth... After you've finished those four, you can look at the 'second foundation trilogy' by Benford, Bear and Brin !
  11. Paint.Net's Surface Blur is, in fact, a variant of the classic bilateral filter. It just uses different range functions, which (with an algorithmic sleight of hand) allow it to be calculated in roughly O(n) rather than O(n²)
  12. Two new effects added See first post for details....
  13. For every pixel in the effect output it has to examine (#splinters × distance) pixels and, unlike blurs, there are no neat mathematical 'tricks' that one can use to reduce that number
  14. I did have a look at it a while back, but there isn't much that I can do to improve the performance; It's just an expensive effect!
  15. No worries. I have been lamentably negligent in checking the forums in recent times...
  16. The reason that they are not in the main pack is that they are somewhat more experimental, and they duplicate functionality in PdN (albeit faster versions). These effects trade memory consumption for speed and so it is possible (although generally unlikely) that they could fail in machines with low installed memory, or if the image is very large...
  17. Doh! The server that hosted these files disappeared in a puff of 'magic smoke' some months ago - I thought I'd redirected all the links, but obviously I overlooked this one I've fixed-up the link, so give it another go...
  18. For reasons presently unknown, the DNS listing for my domain has died Never mind, I've put up a new link - You should all be good to go
  19. Copy now placed in the archives Ed Harvey Effects Archive
  20. Bug (hopefully) fixed. New package available. See first post for download link...
  21. Yup, I can repro this - I'll take a look and post an update when I have a fix...
  22. I have finally figured-out what causes the IE bug to surface (only took me 2 years ) It's complicated and very boring, but you may be pleased to know that have re-configured the download server and it appears to have stopped the problem... Yay
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